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Lowes customer service is Terrible!

I am very disgusted with the behavior of the Assistant Store manager Gina. My husband and I made a very large purchase (7 major appliances); once we got home we realized we were over charged. I called the store where I made the purchase at and they told us that they could make the adjustment in the store if I bring in the receipt. When I brought in the receipt I was told that the manager said I need to bring in the ad from the competitor before they could adjust the price (it was a price match purchase). Annoyed that I needed to make yet another trip to Lowe's but the customer service personnel I dealt with was very friendly and explained they needed a copy of the ad for auditing purposes. I went home and got the ad and returned to Lowes. At that point I was told by the assistant manager Gina that they do not do the price matching more than they already did; which is a $450 difference. If I was told from the beginning they would not price match I would have save a lot of time and effort and purchased from the competitor (which I will do from now on). However; when I first came into the store I was told they would match or beat that price. When I noticed the error on the purchase and called, I was told, again, that was no problem and could be fix; The first trip back to the store I was told for a third time it could be done. But our interaction with Gina was disrespectful, rude, and unprofessional. She repeatedly told me the pricing error was my fault for "not having my stuff together before I came to the store". I take full responsibility for not noticing the error when it happened but in all my experiences I have never had a store associate tell me it was my fault that my purchase was rang up wrong. She told me she "has not decided if she was going to adjust the price or not yet." She was incredibly rude and she had a terrible attitude from the beginning of our interaction. It was extremely embarrassing to be talked to so rudely. She made me feel like the pricing error was my fault and I was terrible for even asking for it to be corrected. After nearly an hour of my time wasted she still did not adjust the price. She told me there was no way to adjust the price now that we have already paid for it. We will have to come back (again) after the appliances are delivered then she could do a price adjustment. When I asked for that to be in writing she said "Everything goes through me, you don't need it in writing". Prior to this experience I shopped at Lowes for all my home improvement needs. I think I will just return my appliance purchase and go to another store. I do not want to do business with a company that treats their customers so poorly. I have just started a Kitchen remodel and plan on remodeling my bathroom in the near future and I will be taking my business elsewhere.
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I work for Lowe's. That manager's behavior was unacceptable...period.

With or without a reciept as long as we can have printed proof of a price that matches the time you purchased it there should be no issue.

I strongly urge you to put your complaint to Lowe's corporate so that you can be appropriately taken care of and that the assosciate in question can have their behavior addressed.


Return the appliances. get out while

you can. If you think you've got

problems dealing with them now.

Watch how they respond if something



sounds like it was your fault.


Why do so many people go and do a price match when they can just go to the other store and not deal with all the hassle? Is it because you want that extra 10% off, which they don't even give most of the time? Price matching is a pain in the *** in general. Just go to the place with the lower price.

Also, you should've told them to look up the price on one of the gajillion computers in the store.

And, finally, just because something is in writing doesn't make it a binding contract.


You should have immediately spoke to her superior. Why people don't do this is beyond me.

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