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please dont ever go to this school if u are considering becoming a chef, it is not worth it. This school is lies and takes ur money whenu can get the same education at a community school for less then half. Plus once you graduate u get a min paid job and really doesnt get any better. This school ruined my life and took advantage of how young i was at dumb to sign the school loans myself. Please please do not go to this school if u want to become a chef or pastry chef waste of money!!!!! and time
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Totally true, every last word of it! This school us a scam.

It's overpriced, unaccredited, and you pay $50,000 for them to treat you like ***, and when it comes time for internships and externships, those *** especially their *** counselors, expect YOU to "Go on Craigslist and look for a job! Go walk around the neighborhood and beg at the back doors of restaurants for a job!". Excuse me, but for what exactly are the students paying $50,000 a year, if you lazy losers won't even help them with that? Thank God I was able to take advantage of the 3 day bailout clause on my first 3 days of school.

Never again. I see so many of those poor kids in their chef uniforms walking all over town applying for work and never getting hired, not even to flip burgers at fast food places.


This post is true. Come out of culinary school washing dishes.

Unless you already have a connect! This school works on power point presentations that you could get online.

They pump out more students then their are jobs. 50 grand for ***!

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