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Edwards Subaru - Sta away

They did a bait and switch. We had it an appointment to look at a car got there and they said it was sold that same car is still on their website by the way. We ended up settling on a car with more miles as they said it was fully serviced and said 3 times no issues drove it seemed ok . Got close to home and the transmission started acting up. After having a mechanic look at it he said this car was never serviced and had 2 quarts too much fluid in it and was filthy as *** . Also the filter would have to be replaced, But cannot guarantee the transmission would be ok after words. STAY AWAY FROM THIS DEALERSHIP
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Council Bluffs, Iowa
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A Hammer For Hire - This guy is a crook this is the last conversation with him

HAVE THE CONTRACT AND THE CANCELED CHECK WHAT MORE PROOF YOU WANT willy680** ** minutes ago @willy68057 Like I said u r not a real customer of mine I'm done wasting my time with u sabakhit 1 hour ago if you wanna inspect your own contract i will hang it on the house and you can inspect it all you want as your fixing all those mistakes i pointed out to you. willy68057 in reply to sabakhit(Show the comment) 3 hours ago if u have the contract my adress is on it sabakhit 13 hours ago Reply yeah wanna see it? tell me where to send it willy68057 in reply to willy68057(Show the comment) 17 hours ago dont lie you responded to that compliant and it on your report there's no lieing about that anyone can see it willy68057 in reply to sabakhit(Show the comment) 17 hours ago BBB has good things to say about me sabakhit 17 hours ago @willy68057 whats lhe matter no contract If u r real what is u r name sabakhit 17 hours ago whats the matter no contract what is your name if u r real sabakhit 18 hours ago IM A LOW LIFE. Better look in the mirror. I never threatened a 70 year old man like you did and yes i have witnesses. I wasn't the one who absolutely refused to fix any of those mistakes on the house that was you. All you got to do is go back and fix those mistakes i pointed out to you and i'll gladly recant(means to take back) everything that i have said i'll even make sure that negative report on the BBB goes away.
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Scott Bakhit. The BBB does NOT have good comments to say about you.

It has nothing to say about you. You are NOT a member. Perhaps disgruntled clients should complain at the BBB. Just wait - they will.....Due to the hassle dealing with the BBB, people don't want to complain there.

Face facts Scott Bakhit A Hammer for Hire - you screwed over many homeowners, business people and from what I found on the internet - you *** over an Omaha marketer without paying her for services rendered including your website, logo and Video. When the Omaha marketer tried to collect, you then defamed this person all over the internet with phony reviews posted by you and some cindy jacobsen -- trying to *** with this female business owner's reputation. You are a low life loser Bakhit. From your reputation,three bankruptcies, federal felon, forcible entry judgment, a current restraining order for harassment among other information - you are a crook and a loser.

With zero ethics. Sinister. You belong in jail for *** with so many people.

The police have you on their radar scott bakhit. You are well known as a crook.


The lasted thing we had to do was to call the cops and file a report. He taped a flyer to my daughters car.

He says this complianr is costing him work. Well fis the house then.

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Lincoln, Nebraska