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Calvert Investments - Calvert Group, Boise can't keep their lies straight

Update by user Feb 09, 2013

Just saw your reply to my compliant so I checked the BBB site and sure enough they took off my review & compliant that had been on there since June 2012. I have no idea why but you can be sure my compliant is 100% legit.

The BBB said they had no control over Calvert Group because they are not BBB accredited and said they could not help. Not sure why you would think somebody would make up lies about a company, maybe you work for Calvert Group?

I have no control over the BBB or their website. I don't care if you believe what happened to us but it is pretty obvious to me that you are trying to discredit me and make Calvert Group the good guys which anybody that has rented from them in the Boise area knows they are liars, cheats and a rotten company to work with.

Original review posted by user Jul 09, 2012
This property management, Calvert Group starts out as a nice company but turns ugly very quickly. They conduct inspections on your apartment every 3 months but either they tell you the wrong time of day for the inspection or they don't send you a notice at all, then they open up all the cabinets, even if they are yours, take pictures of your closets, drawers, underwear etc to post on their website for the owners. They charge $200 per animal which is non-refundable and the owner doesn't see any of that money, per the owner. They charged us $87. to repair two nail holes, then changed their mind and said the owner made them charge us for touch up paint, repairing screens, blinds that were damaged before move in as per their own move in sheet. By the way the owner told us she hasn't spoken to the property management company in a while because they won't return her phone calls. Try talking to them on the phone and they yell at you then hang up and when you call them back they deny they hung up and then hang up again. Filed with the BBB and they sent an email 3 months after move out to try and bully me into re-writing my negative review on them. They even charged us another $200 on the day we were moving out for a visiting animal that they said we could have come over, then another $100 late fee on the last $200 pet fee which they stated the system auto generated and they would drop the late fee but later said they wanted their late fee, so we had to pay it. I have never met such disgusting people in my life. They can't keep their lies straight even denying what they put in writing.
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Sorry - accidentally hit the '***' button. Didn't mean your issue is, I just think all this with Calvert is BS. I, too, am out almost $7000 because of these scammers.

@Out $7000

Did you contact the attorney. The number is in fact a valid number.

There is a Utah number and then a local one that is his law partners machine.

I would recommend instead of bashing people, to handle it with the attorneys. I am sure it is not a fun time to have your business fail due to financial problems.


You filed with the BBB? Why isn't it displayed ?

Could that be because the BBB discovered you were lying? If a complaint was truthful - the BBB would have details on the site.


I have had the very same issues. I have kept every email due to this fact.

I had several months of rent that was paid but had to be traced. They gave me the its automated story too. I have several greivences with them, like they allowed water to the park to be shut off due to non-payment. Now I have moved due to the conditions and placed my mobile up for sale.

They have chased off buyers.

I am ready to retain, however Idaho just does not regulate these kind of companies. They are no better then the big city slum lords.

@christina costello

Perhaps if you had something worth buying it would help. You tried to sell me your so called home.

It was a disgusting piece of *** with holes in the roof and mold inside. That is not anyone scaring off from buying your home.

You wanted to charge me 3500.00 for something unlivable. ***


I am experiencing the same type of problems. Calvert Group Inc in Boise Idaho isn't giving me my rents and deposits.

It has been over 79 days since they breached their agreement with me. Their excuse for not giving me my money was they needed 30 days to close out their books, then 30 to 10 days, then 45 days. Now their lawyer wrote me a letter saying CGI is on a customary vacation for the summer and I need to wait til they get back. They do not return phone calls, especially the owner, the person I signed up with.

The person I trusted my property to.

Beware!! Boise Idaho doesn't have regulations for property managers.

@Alice Kelly

Alice, I am having the same issues with them. Did you ever get your money back?

I am beginning to think they are a scam.

They owe me $3,744.

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