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As a self-employed 45 yr old with really good teeth and no health or dental insurance, I neglected visiting the dentist for 15 or so years. I had chipped a front tooth several years ago and had since developed a cavity which was causing discoloration, I also was aware...
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I agree with how horrible Aspen Dental's customer service is. I can't get in contact with anyone local about some weird stuff going on with getting 2 appointments when I only scheduled one and long story short, Review #281477 doesn't surprise me one bit and I'm glad I am going elsewhere.

Like that reviewer, I am also self-employed in healthcare and I would never treat people like that. I have a small office. I am the provider as well as billing, claims, administrator. I know what people will owe me most of the time based on their insurance and if they don't have insurance, I quote them a flat fee that they can pay at end of the session.

If that location gave a discount, it shouldn't be that hard to know what the patient owed. All this circular talk about paying a certain amount before any services could be scheduled then more before services could be performed is BS. And what dentist doesn't have the hygienist do the cleaning as the very first thing??? Why would a patient be scheduled when he couldn't get a cleaning?

And twice in a row? Stupid.

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