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Update by user Dec 04, 2012

I just received another threatening letter yesterday about Greentree is taking steps to secure their investment against the collateral property meaning they are proceeding with repossesing the property even though I am up to date with my monthly mortgage payments.The days that you had personal relationship with your bank who lowned you the money and the Famous American dream is just that a dream!! I have never in thirty years felt so unsecure until now and there is no help out there but false hopes and advertisings.Let\'s see how long it takes for Greentree to suck the blood out and go ahead with repossesion.With all the complaints against them one wonders where our government agencies are to look into them?!!

Update by user Nov 27, 2012

The Greentree services have been calling me at work and my personal phone and leaving threatening messages.I have sent them payments by mail since they do not let me pay it on line they are yet to deposit my chscks.I pay all my bills on line like every decent company wants you to do.They have spread my phone numbers all over the country so I get calls from many different states and different people every time they leave a message. I do not owe them any payment as of right now. They do nothing but harrassing .Any Company with as many complaints against them should have a lawsuit for emotional damages they cause.

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I own a condominium in Montgomery Village(Gaithersburg) Maryland .Originally financed by Countrywide mortgage company which was taken over by Bank of America later. I have been a straight commision sales person for over twenty years with no base salary how car industry and dealerships operate.Within past few years due to economic slow down and slump in car sales I had to make late payments with exuberant late fees to endure.Not only payning late fees but also getting a few harrassing phone calls as to when I may be able to make payments. Recently though,thses phone calls have increased to the extent of three a day to make sure that I have not scaped town and abandonned the property even so I am up to date in taxes(property ,income).I have been receiving embarassing calls at work and my private phone disrupting my concentration at work to be able to earn better living so I am able to meet my obligations. Greentree Services has no regard and consideration of their clients whatsoever . Their frequent phone calls and mail has resulted in the interruption of my efforts to make sales and earn a living so I can pay my bills.Greentree Financial Services has no understanding of how tough it is in this sruggling economy for middle class consumers to make ends meet. Eventhough ,Government has fined Bank of America and their hired debt collectors many times and has an ongoing law suit against them their harrassing practices continue .Meanwhile,I live in fear of losing my property and nowhere else to live.
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Green tree would like to have their payments on time or not at all so they can lock down your account for being late.Harassment continues with phone calls and letters. I am in between jobs since the company I used to work at for 15 years did not like constructive criticism.It is against Darcars policy to comment on heir operation on the internet using their own computers!!It sure is a new type of slavery regardless of the color of your skin this time.You send them the documents they ask for and they keep sending the same forms in order to help you as they cliam so their repocessioen look legal and legitimate.


Play "IT's" game... Go the distance... "IT" is a fraud...


Green Tree will lock you out of your home when you go out to the movies. Green Tree will call your neighbors and each of your co-workers.

Green Tree will sue you in court for foreclosure when you are 5 days late after the 1st of the month regardless of what your contract states. Green Tree will play good cop bad cop and then ***. Green Tree will lull you into a sense that they are working with you and then loose all your paperwork and foreclose. GreenTree owns judges and State Attorneys.

Before you judge them, simply type complaints against Green Tree on Google and READ each one of them. Notice the dates of the complaints. It's everyday. Bank of America, Walter Finance, Green Tree and Five Brothers lockout company.

Mafia 101 and its all government backed. America the beautiful is all ***.Trust me and pass it on to every single person you can think off.

French Resistance got rid of the Germans. Do the same thing to Green Tree.....


Just to let you know, you will loose your condo to Green Tree. This way, you won't be caught off guard,.

If you think you have a sad story to tell the world, you are in grave danger. The fact that you already admitted to late payments, has made you a major target for foreclosure. Every single word you have ever spoken to Green Tree has been recorded. Green Tree is a

Their entire business model revolves around Foreclosures. Before they take over your property they start the phone calls. Consider your property gone. The worst part, is that will also sue you for the difference that you will owe.

They will not allow you to refinance through someone else. They will get you through your insurance by adding or loosing papers. Do not pay by phone or on line. Type complaints about Green Tree in Google.

There are over 50,000 listed. Green Tree pays off 50% off to politicians, including most State Attorneys, so don't even think in complaining to any government consumer agencies. They are all on the payroll. Everyone has been Warned.

The American dream is dead. Check Google if you think I am exaggerating....The Collection Agency is after your property and will foreclose soon......

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Darcars Volvo - Mr Kambiz Darcars accounting practices

I have been working at Darcars Automotive group for over 15 years in straight commission sales.We get paid on 15th of every month with certain bonuses and payplan that applies to the number of units sold.Darcars accounting department only pays the full commission if and when they have the right paper work even so policy is to spot deliver them.In another words,spot delivery does not neccesarily mean full payment of units delivered. This practice has become a routine and consensus is that is done systematically and delibrately to avoid making right payments to employees.Darcars hold many dealerships and the amount they withhold from employees can be substantial savings for them. All this is due to lack of staff and qualified ones both in finance and accounting because company is too cheap to hire decent professionals depriving staff from getting adequately paid at the same time customers waste a lot of time trying to have their paperwork corrected .It's my belief that comapny should pay sales staff according to what they spot delivered therefore, eleminating the so called carry overs.You wonder why there is such a great number of employee turn over to the extent that they keep hiring everyday non stop.All my complaints to owners and vice president and general managers have fallen on deaf ears and the practice of carrying over deals continues to avoid the right payment to commissioned sales staff.
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Here we are again at Darcars Volvo with their 4th General manager who used to be on before he was replaced!! One wonder if Darcars have ant structure in place or they just have it on auto pilot letting their staff suffer while not allowed to practice their democratic rights of expressing their opinion.

All the comments above is under my name Kambiz the original whistle blower.If there is a justification to what I did to get fired thee are companies that like what I did and one just hired me because of it!! Go figure.


It's been three months sice I Kambiz ,got terminated for excersizing my right of freedom of speech(blogging) on the company's computer which was evidently against Darcars Automotive's policy.Not even one ex coworker took up the matter with the company's authority to reinstate ne ,a 15 year veteran.They are actually very glad that I got hired in another company ironically for the same reason I got terminated!!Once Outside the company whoever I meet who used to work there tells me about the negative experience they had while employed there opening my eyes to the reality of it all.It is working out fine for me now trying to forget all the long hours and efforts I left at DArcars.


Here we are again three weeks after termination and no one has commented on these articles and /or contacted me to discuss the issues.They claim that it is against their policy to use their computer to make such comments However, the first one was done in July of last year and I was approached for a meeting that took place in General manager's office with the comptroller of accounting present to defend their practices and blame General manager's cousin at the time for mismanagement!!And of course, after that they corrected some finance activities while replacing the managers and from then on went from bad to worse.But sales staff put up with all the downs hoping the situation will improve.Meanwhile I am looking for another adventure.


Here we are a year later and on third General manager with his a side kick as business development manager in five months developed only disappointments trying so hard to preserve their own images with a bad bed side manner.Sales plummetd to 1/4 comparing to a year ago lowest moral with just everyone going with the flow and showing up for one reason or another mostly health insurance benefits that keeps the sales staff on board but otherwise starving.Owners and upper management sweep the losses under 25 other dealers they operate.Creating sales should be the priority not slowing sales staff down with unneccesary rules and restrictions.


My termination at DarcarsVolvo was based on blogging according to the director of loss prevention who thought he caught a thief.The general manager of the gm's didn't have ant questions or explanations as to why I am being terminated.Anyone can rate and comment on the internet on plenty sights about how they were treated and what their experience was at any organization and that's all I did with the staff in agreement even before I posted the comment with the exception of the general manager and his advisor.This constitutes a wrongful termination unless the owners over ride the decision.What is the benefit of letting go a 18 year veteran of the company who has put up with all the downside of their businessand willing to work there until retirement?


The topic should be complaints against Darcars Volvo


Ironically,I received a text from my previous sales manager Mr Tuscani who suggested to make an appology to Jamie Darvish who runs the company as General manager (owner's son) for blogging and may be he would reconsider taking me back.Just because anyone whom gets hired there don't stay around too long.I wonder if that has to do with either management or the brand(Volvo).If anything,since they have had my info for 15 years they would be the one who should contact me.

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