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United Furniture Warehouse - Do NOT Shop Here!!

United Furniture Warehouse - Do NOT Shop Here!!
What a terrible store! Do yourself a favour and DO NOT shop here, no matter how cheap their prices are. I purchased a couch last week along with a coffee table, and thought I was getting a great deal and a super comfy couch. I went in there and immediately had a salesperson approach me. I explained to him that I just moved into a 550 square foot apartment and I need a couch. I told him I didn't have room for anything too big or even a set. The very first couch he took me to was very comfortable and I loved it. That was the one I picked and we arranged to have it delivered 2 days later. I knew I needed a coffee table as well so I decided to buy the one that was with the couch. First thing that happened was I never received the phone call I was promised to let me know a time window that they would arrive. So I ended up confined at home all day on Sunday waiting for the delivery truck and they finally showed up at 5:00 pm. They didn't even bother taking it out of the truck before they told me that there was no way that couch was getting through the hallways and elevator to my apartment. They told me that this particular couch (The "Allen" style) was their BIGGEST couch and no apartments could ever fit it. This was a problem they saw time and time again. I told them that I had been without a couch for 2 weeks and could they please try to fit it? They brought it to the stairs and tried to go up that way, and sure enough it wouldn't fit. The couch was indeed way too big, but I never realized it when I was looking at it in the giant, open-concept store. The delivery guys even told me that the salesperson should have known that the couch had issues fitting into apartments and basements. They said this couch has been returned many many times for that reason. When I told them that was actually the FIRST couch he showed me after I said I lived in an apartment they looked pretty shocked. I had explicitly told the salesperson the square footage of my apartment and that I didn't have room for anything too big. As soon as they left, I called the store right away to speak to the assistant store manager and I told her I wanted to make a complaint about the salesperson, because now I was going to have to wait at least another week when I had time to shop for a couch again and have it delivered. Meanwhile I'm sitting on the floor in my living room when I come home from work each day. The manager was very apologetic and told me that I could have a full refund, but I would need to come into the store with my credit card for that. I went in the other day to look at what else they had because I thought I'd give them another chance and just do an exchange. There was a different salesperson this time, and she told me the same thing that the manager did - if I didn't find anything I liked I could have a full refund. I didn't find anything I wanted, but wanted to think about it some more so I left without a couch or a refund. I went in there today to collect my refund, and the employee at the front desk informed me after I questioned her about the smaller amount that she was refunding, that I could not have the delivery charge of $90 refunded. She said it was against their company policy and she wouldn't do it. She even called the assistant store manager, who told her that "she didn't realize when I asked for a refund that they had already tried to deliver the couch" even though I had CALLED HER right after the delivery guys had been at my place! She said that because they had came out to my apartment, I had to pay for that. Even though the delivery did not take place because they took the couch right back and barely took it off the truck. To top it all off I finally had time tonight to unpack the coffee table and put it together, and there are major defects in the surface of the table. It has stone tiles on it and one of them has a huge groove through the middle of it and is extremely unattractive. I just called their customer service number, and was actually told that even the defective coffee table may not be refundable and it's totally up to the store manager's discretion! I am very unhappy about my first (and LAST) experience with United Furniture Warehouse. I will be getting my credit card company involved in order to get a refund - but unfortunately that will probably take at least a month or two.
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Sorry, but this was your mistake. You went to buy a couch without measurements of your space.

Maybe the salesperson let you down by *recommending* a couch that was too large, but you committed to buy it. And if it truly was the biggest one they sold, how did you fail to recognise that?

It was a good thing that they refunded you for the couch, but why should *they* be out of money for a delivery that *you* asked for? Take responsibility for your error.


I have those same coffee tables & end tables - they are supposed to look like that. Shale stone looks like that naturally, do a Google image search.

I love mine, especially since the stone resists water damage if you set a drink down on it, and the glass starts to sweat.

As for the couch being too big, perhaps they should have met you half way on that one since the salesperson shouldn't have encouraged you to buy something that was way too big. On the other hand, you should have come there with some measurements in advance.

There is no way they can guess how big your doorways will be and if the furniture will make it in.

I had a couch set delivered that was really large, and the only way we could get it in was to unscrew the wooden feet on the couch first - plus thankfully part of the couch was soft enough that it could squeeze through the doorways.


Do you know how to measure something? That's what most people do. That salesman had no way of knowing how small your hallway or entry is.


Yes but the delivery man said it was common knowledge that the couch does not fit in apartments so basically the salesman knew and did not care.I would dispute the delivery charge with your credit card company might be able to get your money for delivery that way.

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Resolved: Canada Diagnostic Centres - Marborough, Calgary

I'll never go to this CDC location in Marlborough ever again. I booked my appointment almost a month ago and was instructed to drink 2 litres of water in the morning before my appointment which was scheduled for 9:35. I was having a kidney and bladder ultrasound so I wasn't allowed to use the washroom before the exam and I had to finish drinking my water an hour before my appointment time. I have suffered from reoccurring bladder infections for a few years now, and this was the reason for the kidney ultrasound - to determine if the infection had spread. Having a current bladder infection, it is difficult already to wait to go to the bathroom even without 2 litres of water sitting in my lower abdomen. I was sitting in the waiting room for a total of 40 minutes (they didn't call me in until 9:58 and I was a bit early) and by this point I was almost shaking from having to *** so bad. The assistant sent me into a change room and told me to put on the gown and take my shirt off, then left. Didn't give me any instructions of what to do after that. I stood there in the gown for about 12 minutes until another nurse walked by and I anxiously stopped her and asked how much longer I would have to wait, because I really had to *** She went to ask the ultrasound technician and came back and told me another 15 minutes or so. I almost lost it, because that would mean I'd have to wait another 30 minutes at least before I could use the bathroom. I explained to her that I had 2 litres of water sitting in me, I have a bladder infection, and I can't hold it for another half hour because it's causing me significant pain. She smiled and went around the corner to talk to another nurse. Then she came back LAUGHING (seriously!) and said that if I wanted, I could go *** a little bit but to leave most of it in my bladder. She had a hard time even saying it with a straight face. I couldn't even believe the nerve of her - to treat a patient like that, who is obviously suffering... She then left, and about 5 minutes later I heard the ultrasound technician in the other room say goodbye to someone she was talking to on the phone and then she came to get me, which makes me believe that she was actually just chatting on the phone the entire time and that's why I was having to wait so long, because I never saw another patient come out of the ultrasound area at all the whole time I was there, and after she did my exam and I was finally leaving, I saw her sitting at a desk chatting on the phone again! I can't believe how rudely I was treated by the staff at this location, and how inconsiderate they are!! Of course, they don't know the personal details of why a patient is getting an exam done, but I'm sure that those who are having kidney exams and have been told to drink 2 litres of water (this is standard procedure!) are probably having some sort of problem with their urinary tract and should be treated in a timely manner so that they can use the bathroom as soon as possible!
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If you're not familiar with this particularly offensive scam of a photography company then you probably know of one just like it. It's probably almost as bad, but not quite. It probably hires a giant posse of amateur photographers with Canon Rebels around their...
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1. The sitting fee is not greedy or selfish.

You're paying for the photographer's time. Grad sits are 20 minutes. You think the photographer wants to work for free? The fee also ensures your appointment, so that you don't back out and waste their time.

Almost all proffesional portrait studios require a sitting fee.

2. Usually grad portraits are scheduled ahead of graduation, by the school, with a sign up sheet to ensure line ups like yours don't happen. However, your school chose to schedule it on grad day.

That's your school's fault, not the photographer's. The photographer does not choose the date.

3. The company didn't force you into anything.

There are multiple packages you could've chosen.

You could've got grad pictures anywhere else, yet you chose to put yourself in this situation.

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