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Dishonest merchants Services harbortouch

Harbortouch former name Mwerch Services Company only care about self Not Merchantbor Credit card customer or Supierior court for that matter As merchant was charged back payment for items recieved Supierior court Camden county nj found in our favor Yet merchant services kept $ 1600 and placed charge back for additional $ 1600 on credit report Company scam Buisness owner Now changed name to Harbortouch Still the same crook moved from Clinton nj to Allentown Pa to hide Do not do Buisness They will cheat you steal lie then hide come out Six years later say you owe because you did not cancel and your contract auto renews every 3 years and you owe 6 yrs service fee all after court fined them wow
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hello Frankinlaw i am having similar issues, their rep as liers as well and i am trying to get their name get heard too. they are not trustee


The CEO's email address is Jared@***.com


I have heard Nothing good about this company

Not from employees to merchant

How can this company change name and state

Hide from court order , judgement and still be doing Buisness


My company had a three year contract with Harbortouch to provide a wireless satellite signal to one of their pos terminals in order for my company to accept credit and debit cards. Then after almost two years the signal suddenly disappeared. We could not get our terminal to function. My company was without the promised services for two months. Harbortouch alleged that the problem was “weather related.”

During this period my company was in constant communication with Harbortouch in an attempt to resolve the week to non-existent signal problem. We were even provided a second swipe terminal to try to resolve the matter. Nothing worked.

It became obvious that the issue was not weather related, but more likely a change in Harbortouch’s hardware/satellite.

On October 16, 2012, my company requested an early cancellation of the contract between the parties. Harbortouch wrote to say that my company was obligated to pay certain agreed upon contractual fees associated with early termination.

My company argued that Harbortouch abrogated the subject contract, not my company, by and through its failure to provide the requested service. This was the singular basis for said contract.

Despite this, Harbortouch wrote to say that my company was obligated to pay certain agreed upon contractual fees associated with early termination. Harbortouch has continued billing my company for its services as if it was actually providing a service. Recently, Harbortouch began sending dunning letters, which threatened to ruin my company’s credit.

Stay away from these people, they are a nightmare!


Frankinstien much more scary then Frankinlaw..

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