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USAA insurance

Greetings, I was deployed to Iraq in 2006 and was permately combat injured March 22nd 2007 in Iraq be an explosive device. I was in medical hold at Fort hood Texas then moved to Keesler/ Sonny Montgomery Medical Center and the admitted to Martin Army Community Hospital at Fort Benning for rehab and other therapy. Was med retired by the Army 100% disabled. During the time period from my deployment to present my home and other structers were damaged by wind, hail, and water. I had payed faithfully all my premiums. I have spent my life savings of over $65,000.00 for repairs and USAA has been really been absent for taking care of this soldier and his immediate needs. I have been home for one year and six months. I have had to file a chaper 13 protection because they have been dragging thier feet since last summer of 2011. Policey number 01963****/92A. I also believe they also have commited advertizing fruad saying they take care of military and should cease from riding on our coat tails. They are in violation of the disabilities act statute #508 and #504 pretty sure due to my situation and disabilities. They were fully informed of my disabilities in 2008 and 2009 and 2010 and 2011. I have some folks helping me with donations and food. Please help. Signed ??*********** Union Grove Alabama
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Whited didn't get blown up. He's a malingering fraud


Wow. Good to know the people serving this country have no idea how to spell or use correct grammar. Stop complaining about the fact that life happens and you have to pay for things like a normal person.


I forgot to mention that USAA also paid for all of the damage to her furniture, etc. NOTHING was turned down.


We, too have been with USAA for MANY years. A couple of years ago my daughter's apartment flooded...her fault, there was something hanging from the automatic sprinkler pipe, she tried removing it and the pipe burst.

The entire apartment had to be redone...and it was a 'luxury unit', so very expensive. USAA paid all expenses, PLUS moving expenses to another apartment in the same complex. The apartment management was totally satisfied with USAA payments, etc. (She now owns her own condo, we both have our homeowners insurance through them, as well as our car insurance.

(We BOTH got our first car policies when we turned 16. We got a discount immediately for being good students.

And, we both got our memberships from my father, who retired from the Air Force. Back then you had to be an officer to qualify for membership, but the legacy part is a lifesaver, IMHO.


They once had a good reputation. My recent experience with their auto claims was horrendous. They bordered on criminal.

I'm a former insurance agency owner and I know the business. ABSOLUTE ***!



Where do I start? For many years USAA was superb, then changed. First, their once-a-member, always a member ceased, I learned, with my new-officer son's policy.

A careless neighbor backed into my (stopped) wife's car. Cost us $500 deductible b/c USAA did not follow up with questions with the at-fault driver, saying the two insurance companies agreed to disagree on fault.

Their lifetime guarantee ceased. I had over 15 listed problems with my car, after their preferred shop 'fixed' it; a no-fault accident from a speeding red-light runner. The paint was the wrong color; spots in the finish of different hue; electrical items didn't work, etc. The car spent weeks at a specialist shop after sitting outside with the windows open. I witnessed their shop's employees doing burnouts with a customer's Mustang, while moving that car indoors.

Then, the paint started chipping off, due, according to a real professional painter, to improper prep work. The USAA adjuster walked up, thanking me for forty years of membership and remarked about how nice I kept my cars, but his report called it average, then lied saying it was flaking clear coat (the chips were white, like the car!) They offered me $700 to go away; the previous repaint of that same part cost well over $1000 and refused to back their warranty, saying they had no record of the repair. I did and still do.

Also, the prior-USAA adjuster was now managing the (Prestige Auto) body shop, and refused to warranty their shoddy work. How cozy and unethical is that for USAA?

Their current need to advertise underscores their new lack of customer service; the patriotic baloney is sickening and offensive to those of us who served and once trusted the former officers who run USAA.

I cancelled 7 policies and cashed my $10k SSA check with glee, then saved premium money with GEICO.

Forty years of membership meant nothing to USAA. Loyalty goes two ways, IF real.

Beware you loyal, longtime USAA folks; things are rotten in San Antonio, unlike before. I was 'you', once, since my Academy days.


I've been a USAA member for 22 years dating back to when they only allowed officers and warrants to join. I've had 6 claims over that span and they handled each one flawlessly.

Kudos USAA.. :) :)


I am surprised to hear this. I have had many claims with USAA over the years (and so have my family) and we have NEVER, NOT ONCE had an issue out of them.

There was one time I thought they had lost some paperwork, but we got the problem taken care of quickly. Years later I came across the paperwork, I had by accident filed it away in a filing cabinet. So it was my fault all along.

Love USAA and will never go anywhere else. Even if we are paying a little bit more (which we aren't) I would still rather have them then going cheap.

Their customer service is over the top.

Wish more places were like that.

Oh and I don't work for them, never have, nor do I know anybody that works/worked there.


It seems to be either one or another. I know I had family members that had excellent claims service on one claim and had to sue USAA on the next one to get it processed and paid. USAA's lawyers wouldn't even return calls to my family member's lawyers. It was to the point the Judge in the case sanctioned the USAA attorneys for their behavior.

All in all, I used to LOVE the service I got from USAA. The last few years...service in all of their areas is declining and I'm most likely soon going to be yanking my accounts from them.


I have been with USAA since 1961 and I have nothing but praise for them. I have often said that they could give customer service lessons in how things SHOULD be done.

I have used them for both home and auto and find it hard to believe they would drop the ball that much. I agree with Ruth on the "red flag" part.

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