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DVDnow - DVD Now is a terrible company and kiosk

I want to take the opportunity to back up Fuhrme1 on another post on this site, look for it. DVDnow isn't a scam but the company and the technology are so horrible, you might as well place it in that category. DVD Now makes you believe they are the manufacturer of the kiosk but all they really are is a company that buys a kiosk from Asia and resells it to you. When you take a look behind the veil, Scott and Co. are just marketing wizards trying to lure you in by the success of Redbox and sell you a machine that really is poor technology. If the kiosk was great, Scott would be placing the machines himself. Not reselling them. The fact is that Scott's machines are terrible, just look at them. Their website and marketing materials are slanted towards the high pressure opportunity! act now! type of thing. It's all ***. Do you really think they are going to limited their sales? Come on! By the way, Does it at all look high tech to you? By all means call the company and do your own research, but beware...If you fall into the DVD now trap you're buying a $20,000 paper weight. There are many other companies that offer very high tech DVD kiosks and wonderful support that you should be looking at and make DVD Now look silly. Let's see how Scott respond to this. This information is based on the fact that I bought one (for that reason, I am pissed!) and realized the mistake and moved to another company where I am now very happy. The machine *** out on me and I got no support, my customers hated it, and it really doesn't look impressive at all. All the best! My suggestion is to avoid my mistake. I'm sure Scott (the founder of the company) will follow up to this by saying I'm not an owner blah blah blah but just do your own research and you'll see.
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Yeah its bull ***, DVDnow cost 20k, I have a friend that bought some kiosks and he found all his for about 2 or 3 granda peace here and there, and they only make $5 to $10 per day, so even at that price its still not a great investment.


Yes, could you please advice of the alternative. I have an appt with an account manager tomorrow and am ready to sign up with them but now, I'm not so sure. Thanks!


HI, Could you give me an alternative DVD Kiosk to look at.

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