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My friend, 65 years old, signed up with WFG 2 years ago. He is now the proud owner of two piece of *** houses in Bakersfield, with interest only loans! They advised him to take all the equity out of his 51 year-old house, and buy the 2 homes with interest only loans!...
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"Buy TERM and Invest the DIFFERENCE"


Mutual Fund? 401K?


All tied to the stock market, remember 2008? There are tons of people got wiped out lost almost 40-50% of their life saving, this one person who had over $2M in 401K in 2007 by the end of 2008 he had $1.2M left, yes he still has money, but can he be happy or retire happily and comfortably? Of course not.

You know why some company likes to sell terms? because most people don't die young or within the term.

Most people die when they are old, and by the time when they get old their term life policy probably lapsed.

You put money in IUL you get life protection for pretty much your entire life unless you live past 121 yr old.

It also gives you great return similar to S&P 500 return rate and also there is a floor, even if S&P tanks you will still get anywhere between 0-1% in return for that down year. DON'T listen to people pushing you to get TERM and INVEST IN OTHER STUFF, such as Primarica, they love to tell people to only buy term and invest everything else in their mutual fund of which is a Primarica product so they can make commission from that as well.

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