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Cruise Direct Uk - CruiseSmiles -- not so happy

cruiseSmiles led me to believe the "miles" I purchased would be usable to book a cruise with them. Then when I had the opportunity to book, I found out the "miles" had been SO BADLY dilluted they were WORTHLESS. Richard Lester is NOT the most truthful person in the Travel industry. He has brainwashed others into believing he is Godlike....Not the case... Beware.... Cruise Miles is not cruiseSmiles. With the value dillution it will cost more to buy miles and then trade for a cruise then to buy directly from the Cruise Lines as ALL cruise pricing is dropping dramatically... Don't get taken....
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Lodge a complaint with the UK police internet fraud squad and the equivalent USA FBI website against

CruiseReward Miles Ltd Europe Cruise Miles LLC USA

Richard Lester (owner) David Wylie (Business Manager)

Turn the heat up on these swindlers! You can see a picture of Richard Lester here with another 'failed' project.****.Former_restaurant_boss_under_investigation_over__cruisemiles__scheme/?ref=ms


There is a TV programme in the UK called Rogue Traders. May I suggest you send them details of your experiences, as if they get inundated regarding this then they might just look into doing an episode on this man. That wouldn't get your money back but it might cripple his new vanity project steak house "The Fat Cow" in Writtle, Essex, UK.


I have eaten at Lord Lester's Rare Cow restaurant and have found his steak just as inedible as his Cruisemiles!

This man is does not care about us and our cruises, all he cares about is taking our money.



CruiseMiles - What a rip off !!!

1000s of upset people with a big loss.

A lot of cruise cancellations without any apologies. I hope somebody can organize a lawsuit against him, I will be the first one to sign.


Like others who have posted here, I had a scheduled cruise cancelled by Cruise Direct UK. I had responded to the Roll Check and had even received a reservation number for my June 9-21, 2013, Carnival cruise out of Barcelona.

On May 14, I received word from the cruise line that my excursions had been cancelled due to "FULL BOOKING CANCELLATION." It was only when I contacted Carnival that I learned Cruise Direct UK had cancelled my cruise (without notification or reimbursement to me).

I am pursuing legal action by filing a Small Claims petition in the U.S. county in which I live against Cruise Miles LLC (registered in the State of Nevada). I may not recoup the $1500 I paid to re-book this cruise but, if I win my suit, at least this corporation will have some legal explaining to do!


several people have been canceled by the cruise Cruisemiles without notice or information, many people believed the promise of Cruisemiles have lost money due to lack of availability and increased Cruisemiles, they have nowhere to complain.

who knows where it must holder complaint against Cruisemiles please tell us what to do thank you




Hi Dewey, did you get any results with your small claim? I wish we could all get together against Richard Lester (owner



I just received a judgment against Cruise Miles, LLC (Aug. 29, 2013) in small claims court. That won't necessarily cause Cruise Miles to "pay up," but I will register the judgment in Nevada and hope it becomes a lien when Cruise Miles LLC renews its corporate certificate.

@Jannett Dzb

Glad to hear you received a judgment against Cruise Miles !

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