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Hi Flakes, Well, I finally learned who the puppet master is for Elizabeth Camille Hutto on all the smears against these good people, Michael & Twalla. The guy's name is David Wynne & DCS DENTAL COMPUTER SOLUTIONS. According to my sources, David Wynne became very jelous that his ex was making more money than him, spent more money on their daughter, took their daughter on multiple vacations, had an appointment for braces she was going to pay for their child, on and on. Twalla is the best mother a child could ever wish for: Insurance is paid by her, the child get's allowances from her, clothing is heaped upon her. Twalla seriously spoils that child beyond belief. Well, that doesn't sit well with a jelous ex like David Wynne & DCS DENTAL COMPUTER SOLUTIONS. Apparently, his rinky *** networking company, that's been around for 4 years (but the website is still not up for the a loser). Anyway, not being the man, probably because the mother is doing everything for their joint daugher, David Wynne & DCS DENTAL COMPUTER SOLUTIONS contacts Elizabeth Camille Hutto (who mentions David over and over on these blogs...which made it easier to do my research). Anyway, knowing that Elizabeth Camille Hutto is a psychiatric patient and quite ill herself, David Wynne & DCS DENTAL COMPUTER SOLUTIONS contacts Elizabeth Camille Hutto to conduct the smear campaign that you are now reading. To David, act like a man, for a change, and stop turning a child against her mother (she didn't do that to you when CPS was called on you for the bruises on your daughter...she got you two help). Dave, I don't know you but I do know Michael for the past 8 years. You're just going to have to live with the fact that Michael is better looking than you (Jospehine showed me a picture of you), he's more educated than you (3 degrees and postgraduate education), he has more money than you, and he produces better children, in all aspects. Live with it, millions of other men do. Stop being a hater, David Wynne & DCS DENTAL COMPUTER SOLUTIONS, and be a man and stop putting up a mentally ill woman (Elizabeth Camille Hutto), to do your dirty work. And what dirty work is that, David??? To destroy the mother of your child, her business, and her new marriage. What kind of a man does that make you? You're not good enough for Twalla, so you destroy her relationship with her daughter, her business, and her family. You're the sickest one of them all. I'm glad I found you, David Wynne & DCS DENTAL COMPUTER SOLUTIONS. I'll be watching you. Michael and Twalla have tremendous support in the community and they are VERY protected. Also, if it's you and Elizabeth, stop blogging under aliases. Yours, Bill
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