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I purched a GE washer paid over $400.00. The washer started by making a flute kind of noise every now and then that the super cycle was used. I call to schedule a service call and of course the man that came to look at it didn't know what to look for becuase the washer did not make the noise. The second time it happen I opened the from ot the machine and recorded the noise and I notice that the soap was coming out close to where the belt is so I took pictures. when the service company came out again I showed him the pics. and he heard the noise that I recorde and of corse he still did not know what the problem was. But he said that he was going to order a (washer water level sensor) because he thought that was the reason the soap was coming out. But 15-20 minutes later he left I tried to do a load and the machine did not agitate nor spin I called the person back and he told me he was going to try to go back he though this time was the motor. Never came back never called me back I call them they said that instead they were going to call lowes advantage to approve of a buyout meaning replacing the machine because the motor was too expensive and buying a new machine was cheaper. 5 days later Lowes denied the claim because apparently the service company wrote on their report that there was no problems found with the washer. I am so pessed off because they didn't even looked at the machine after it stopped agitating nor spinning. Now a third service call have come out of pocket to see what is really going on with the washer. I paying for extended warranty service I have paid from my money for them to come out luckily it will be a different company, not Manassas Appliace (703-369-****) they don't know what they are doing.
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It lookes like your problem is with the service company NOT lowes.

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