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Maketick cheat users trough

MakeTick #504346
when I was researching companies to hire, I came across this post. I took it for what it was, a consumer that wasn't satisfied for one reason or the other... and I still hired them. In all fairness to Maketick, I've been working with them, they have hit every goal and mark... our site and desktop software are in the final stages of development and testing... these guys have been great- they work their *** off for us- nights, early mornings, weekends... they are MACHINES... Sudip Roy, who you've mentioned- has been outstanding and a valued partner. Not sure how your project got so messed up... could have been your budget size or asking for unreal expectations. Programming is an art... they're masters at their craft and I would recommend them to anyone. 5 Stars for Maketick, I've been having a remarkable experience. Even when we hit a wall with a new technology... they kept going... found the solutions and have turned a vision into a reality.
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