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Florida Nursing CEU - - Do NOT buy courses

This company sells Nursing CEU courses to nurses for $17.95. The company itself (Relationship Marketing LLC) is not an approved provider (they claim they are, but not). I checked in CEBroker system and couldn't find them at all. They are selling courses using some other approved provider's CEBroker Number. There courses are poorly designed and the system is very inefficient (certificates are not printing at all) and I have not received my course credits for weeks/months. I must have called 15 times to customer service number, and most time it goes in voicemail. My certificates are missing and not able to get them on call to explain. They hardly answer calls and never reply emails at all. Overall it is a bogus company and I recommend that you to stay away. Only buy courses directly from approved provide, check CEBroker system and run the provider number to double check to see if the same provider is offering the course. Overall - Avoid this company.
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I took Relationship Marketing LLC courses for the past 3 cycles and have had no problem with the company or with CEBroker accepting them. They ARE listed in CE Broker's approved list. Sorry to hear you had a problem.


This company is on CE broker. Check for yourself. My ceus were reported instantly.


The above statement is not true. I checked with CE Brokers last week to verified that (Relationship Marketing LLC) is an approved provider for ce brokers and they ARE.

They have their own ce broker number.

I completed all 24 ceu's for only $17.00. I learned that if you go directly to the site you'll pay $18.75 for 24 ceu hours. BUT, if you call them directly and sign up by phone, you could talk the CSR person to give you an additional discount.

I got all 24 ceu hours for only $17.00.. And "yes" I got all of my Certificates and ce brokers was updated.

What I am saying can be easily verified. Simply contact ce brokers and ask if this company is an approved provider with their own ce broker number and ce broker will answer Yes and Yes.

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