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Comprehensive Medical Center, Sacramento

Comprehensive Medical Center #499639
Do you have any specific details about incidents involving the mishandling of test results, altering test results, or improper collaboration with 3rd parties such as mediators/lawyers? If not any proof/evidence, just some more information would be great..

I'm dealing with a weird situation where out of the blue a staff person started claiming I was intentionally attempting to dilute my test samples by drinking lots of fluids even though my creatinine levels weren't any lower than previous tests she'd said were not diluted for the purposes of testing (actually, she changed her criteria after the mediator and my ex's lawyer complained that one of my tests had a pretty low level of creatine, just one, a fluke, since I take two/month and have all year).

So I started taking saliva tests instead to avoid getting told my tests weren't any good even though the levels in the samples weren't even 10% below the normal range, not even close to diluted enough to obscure any drug metabolites which might've been present, not that they were.

However, this staff person still thinks that I can't be trusted, and she told the mediator that she believed I was in
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Hi I also had a bizarre incident at this clninc...please contact me so we can discuss really doing something about this clinc rather than just a review. My email is jbw.lh2@***.com and once you email me I will respond with my phone number so we can talk