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ORIGINAL: March 2012: I bought two massages from this place. One for myself, and one for my significant other..Neither of us liked it at all. The place was a whole in the wall. The walls were paper thin and you could hear the kids and people in the office next door..the whole time. The masseuse was very nice..but very impersonal. I got there and the door was locked and I couldnt get in..then I had to wait 30mins for her to finish with her previous client...My boyfriend had this same experience. THEN after all of this, Cheyenne asked me for a tip. ASKED. My boyfriend had been there a week prior, and did not have cash on him..and he was told by Cheyenne (the masseuse) that she does not take credit cards. WHO DOESNT TAKE CREDIT CARDS?? So he told her I would bring her tip when I came the following week. Well, seeing that I wasnt very impressed with ANYTHING at Eye Intuitive, I didnt plan to leave a tip after paying for two massages and not being very relaxed when leaving..But with another client standing there waiting, she says "Didnt your boyfriend send you with my tip from last week?" REALLY?? Unprofessional. The whole place. UPDATE: 9-26-12 - Apparently when you write a negative post about a real experience that you had at a local massage business, the owner of that business, Cheyenne Joy McQuilkin, has the right to call, email, leave messages, Facebook you for 2 months, harassing you to take down your post. This woman has called me and my boyfriend and left messages multiple times, emailed, and has now Facebook requested me. After calling me 5 times this afternoon, and me obviously not wanting to speak with her again, she found me on Facebook. She believes that I am in the wrong for writing what I wrote, and since Google+ has gone public with names for reviews, she has been harassing me to take down my post. Not only am I completely dissatisfied with her services, I am very disappointed in the way she is handling this situation. Cheyenne had two very unhappy customers, and I explained why. This information needs to be accepted, comprehended, and used to better herself and her business, not harass the providers of the information.
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For the life of me, I cannot understand Inmyownswmallworld's comments. There is nothing in her comments that compared to the experience I got from Cheyenne.

I have had several massages in the past from other masseuses but just recently received a massage from Cheyenne based on the 99.9% 5 reviews on her. The moment she starts to give you a massage, you know right away, she knows what she is doing. The room was quiet, very relaxing and cozy and the music just added to the ambiance. Cheyenne is the real deal and the only thing I can determine is that this person is just bitter in general.

I suspect anyone who is using a coupon for a massage is just looking for good deal. If you want a good deal, go to Walmart.

If you want a good massage, go to Cheyenne, I can attest to you that she beats them all, hands down.


I am a manual therapist in Washington, DC. Cheyenne and I have had an ongoing, professional trade for the past year+: I have had nothing but deep and meaningful work from Cheyenne. Peace and Thanks to her..


Because your are sure to find unbiased, reliable reviews on a site called "pissed consumer", OP is a troll :p :zzz


Cheyenne has given me many massages over the course of several years. She has always been a professional of the highest caliber.

She even came to my hospital room when I was on bedrest with my daughter.

She made a difficult time much more bearable. I will never go elsewhere for my massages.


Based on my experience, I find nothing accurate in the original complaint by inmyOwnsmallworld. I have been getting bi-monthly massages with Cheyenne for about five years now and I have never had a bad experience...

in fact, all my experience with Cheyenne has been wonderful. I find Cheyenne to be a professional and excellent massage therapist who works hard to meet the needs of her client.

Cheyenne is warm and caring and I find her massage studio to be intimate, inviting and relaxing. :)


I was very pleased with my experience with Cheyenne and will definitely be back. I have seen many massage therapists in the past and my session with Cheyenne was truly one of the best. To have her so close is a blessing and one of my favorite things about this city.


Imagine finding one of the best massage services in your own backyard. Being a native of Richmond and having traveled extensively across the United States, as well as abroad, I have enjoyed massage therapy in many different locations, as well as by many different massage therapists.

Therefore, I can truly attest that Cheyenne is a professional with compassion and attention to her client. She is located in one of the city’s oldest and most prestigious neighborhoods, Westover Hills. The neighborhood is quiet, even if waiting for your appointment in the anteroom, and the atmosphere is conducive to relaxation. Only the sounds of the city occasionally interrupt the quiet.

My personal favorite is the far away sound of a train whistle. A single session with Cheyenne will rid you of everyday tension, while leaving you with a renewed feeling to take on the world.

I am sure you will agree with me and return for many more sessions. :)


I just want to send a HUGE special thank you to all of my long-time, dedicated clients who have posted such lovely, honest reviews! Most of you are not only patrons, but also local business owners yourselves and understand the value and quality of services I provide.

I appreciate your respect and faith in my abilities.

Keep the positive vibes alive! You all perpetually inspire the goodness in me.


I've used Cheyenne for a massage and, despite her sweet, soft spoken personality, she has got some strong hands!It was very relaxing and I've give gift certificates to my clients for a free massage with her. My wife and my 76 year old mom both have gotten gifts from me for a massage with Cheyenne.

My wife has been 3 times and my mom twice!

That says something about how good Cheyenne is at what she does. :)


I totally agree with Mike L.! I have been a customer of Cheyenne's for several years and so has my fiance.

We both love her and think she gives the best massage we have ever had. The door is locked to keep people from interrupting anothers' personal massage time and also from people who are where they do not belong. I recommend the remedial spelling lessons that Mike L suggested to the author of this complaint "wholly" ! Whatever happened between you and Cheyenne is ridiculous and you should stop harassing her.

She is a very personable and warm person. Anyone who goes to get a massage knows that you should not tip by credit card ...get a clue.

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I paid $2500.00 for a warranty. I have had a contract with AA Auto for about a year now, and I have had my first claim, which was only about $400.00. I was unable to get a hold of anyone in the claims department for days. I finally was about to speak with Jim in...
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Hi, Wondering if anyone would be interested in discussing legal action or has taken legal action? I too was scammed by one of their representatives (Shawn) who sold me "bumper to bumper" coverage that didn't actually cover anything.

I got out quickly so I am not in a position of trying to recover lost premium payments but I would like to take action against them for their fraudulent conduct in selling the policy to me in the first place. Please message on this board if have information about successful legal action against them.

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