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Mexico bravo, dont eat there or work there worst place to be

hello i am a former employee of mexico bravo located in sunnyisle fl, the owner is michael mashian, all i can say is he is a liar and running one of the most dirtiest and unorganized restaurants ive worked and been in, at least have the sense to get a dishwasher to for once clean the dishes. working here at mexico bravo i witnessed michael repeatedly come down and verbally abuse his employees, michael exploits workers,and has no respect orcare to pay me or any of the employers all the wages they worked. he shows or gives no time receits to employers and can at anytime fire you and get rid of all proof of employment just so the cheap *** can save a dime.avoid this place.
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This post was placed by a disgruntled former employee "R.S." who verbally threatened and abused female and male employees. He was terminated and given his full pay and he signed waiver form attesting to that.

We regret ever hiring this person and wish you all a pleasant day. Check our Facebook page and judge for yourself****35212


WOW THE WORST FOOD EVER...RIP OFF PLACE AND THE HELP THERE IS HORRIBLE..AND ITS A JEWISH MEXICAN RESTAURANT AND THE PRICES ARE CRAZY..THEY SHOULD B CLOED DOWN :(((( when i got the bill it was $72.00 dollars and they put the tip write on the bill cause they know that people will not leave a tip for that discussing place..wowowowow


discussing food and offfffffffffff


I agree with the reviewer, Mexico Bravo is a restaurant that I will never eat at again. My food was served in a dish that had old food stains engraved on all sides of the dish.

When I asked for a new dish I was told to take it up with the manager, I waited for the manager over 30 minutes, by the time he addressed the problem my food was cold and still was on a dirty plate. The manager then told me I would get a new plate and meal. So I did ..after a 40 minute wait but this time my food was not the right food and the new plate that red brownish stains on the corners. I refused to pay for the food and service, the owner threatened to call police on me.

My advice is to stay away from these dirty bastards. BRAVO MEXICO BUY A DISHWASHER MACHINE ABD UPGRADE YOUR KITCHEN!

@Travis Finch

how in the heck would you know what's in the kitchen or not?


ROBERT SPENCER blond guy from Ohio hiding behind false aliases saying he's from Texas.

You are not a pissed consumer, You're a $%##@%!!!

Stay away from this violent $%#$@%$@!!!


Robert was repeatedly screaming and cussing at fellow female co-workers calling them '***' and *** and picking fights also with CUSTOMERS/GUESTS and street people that pass by. By your own words "you don't/can't keep a job longer than a month."

You got paid in full and before everyone and signed an agreement attesting to it. We pity the next employer, let alone partner, if any

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