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21st Century Insurance - 21ST Century SUCKS

I logged into my online account to make my payment 9 days early, and a message appears stating that the policy is canceled and I can not make any changes online. I called, and the representative stated that the policy was canceled by me. I explained that I did not cancel my policy, and that I did not receive any notice that the policy was canceled almost 3 weeks ago. My wife and I have been driving around with no insurance! She tried to get more information, but the person who made the notes in my account was not available. I told her that I needed the policy reinstated immediately. She said that she couldn't reinstate it, but could pass me to a sales person to write a new policy. So, I am transferred, and had to give all of my information again. Apparently, he could not copy anything from my previous policy. When all is said and done, he quotes me almost DOUBLE my previous policy! I asked why, and he stated it was because of the lapse in coverage. I went ballistic! The lapse was due to their error! I told him to go to ***, and I would get insurance elsewhere. I then logged onto Geico and obtained a policy that was around the same price as my original 21st Century policy. around 9:30 pm, he called back to state that yes, it was their fault. Someone had made an error, and that my policy was reinstated with no penalties. I told him that because of their screw-up, I obtained insurance elsewhere. The next day, there was an email for me, and I had a balance due of $60.00. Apparently, they had mailed me a refund check, which I did get today, so I owed the balance of the almost 3 weeks of coverage. I paid it, but will never do business with them again I am also going to file a BBB complaint.
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They bait and switch! No claims or violations over 1st year with them ...

they go raise our rates by 22 percent! Complained and got the shrug and lame excuse of "everybody got raised because 'your area/state' had higher # of claims in recent past".

Moving on to the next underwriter at a lower rate. Just trying to keep up against a despicable industry!


I wouldn't use them just based on their retarded TV commercials

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LIED TO BY CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENTS REGARDING PROMISED REFUND. CANCELED ORDER BEFORE IT SHIPPED, PROMISED REFUND. NOTHING BUT RUN-AROUND AND LIES. I placed an order on 5/5, then canceled it the next day. I was told the refund would be processed. I have screen-shots of all chat transcripts as proof. After 1 week, no refund, so I file a dispute with my credit card company. The associates at Roca labs tell me (through online chat only; no one ever answers a phone or returns a call when requested) that because I filed a dispute, that they cannot process my refund. I canceled my dispute, but still no refund, so I managed to get some info from a representative - Paypal handles their refunds, so I call Paypal and give them the reference number given to me. They tell me that the client, Roca, has NOT asked to refund me, as 3 different people stated they did. They lied and I have chat transcripts to prove it. They did not ship me anything, They did not fulfill an order. They need to refund me NOW. Here is an example of the last chat transcript: ME : I requested a call yesterday. regarding my refund, but no one has called me. YOU HAVE MY MONEY AND I WANT IT BACK. Call me at 561-371-**** ASAP. It has been over 30 days since you charged my credit card, and 3 different people have claimed that the refund was in process. Stop lying to me, call me back, and PROCESS MY REFUND! Charlee: Hello: We have already contacted Paypal to process your refund Charlee: We tried to do the refund however, the dispute which was filed is preventing us to do so. ME : no, you didn't. I contacted Paypal myself with the information that you gave me. They clearly stated that you had NOT contacted them, and that you had NOT made any attempts to process my refund. They also told me that I needed to reopen the dispute with my credit card company. Charlee: I will personally take on your case and advise you once it is done ME : not to be mean, but who are you in relation to the company? Charlee: I am with customer support Charlee: I will follow up your concern. ME : who else can I talk to? for a month now, customer support has not been able to resolve my issue. ME : no one calls back at your company, and no one answers a phone. this doesn't sound like a real company. Charlee: You can send your concern to our customer support link. ME : I did... and no one EVER calls back. I want my complete refund of $430.00 IMMEDIATELY
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Dear PissedConsumer User:

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Roca Labs seems likely continue to sue customers who speak out until a judge stops them.

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I want my refund $472.00 ASAP. I have called nothing is happening I. Can't afford this.



I am having the same problems, they just keep charging my account.




Don't know about you, but I didn't have that problem with Roca Labs. They were supportive all the way!



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If you would like to remove a posting or comment you must email or mail Pissed Consumer with a proper notarized letter.

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My dispute with Roca Labs was resolved. The company refunded me in full. Please remove the complaint number 325092.

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