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Crib and Teen City - Lies and Avoidance of Failed Delivery of Furniture

A furniture purchase for a child was made on 4/28/12 with a scheduled delivery date of 5/25. Furniture has not yet been received. Over the last 2 weeks, all phone calls to discover why said delivery was not made have been met with little or no knowledge. While staff is friendly, no information other than "In transit" could be ascertained. As of 6/4, I decided to call the manufacturer to try to get information on my delivery. The furniture has not even left the warehouse, although the retailer assured me it was "In transit." The retailer did not release the furniture until today, after I told them it needed to be done. I still have no understanding of when to expect furniture, and the retailer does not either. In effect, I have been lied to for 2.5 weeks regarding the status of the order, delivery information, and a complete unwillingness to compensate me for the delay in any manner. I have a 2 year old who is sleeping on a mattress on the floor for almost a month as a result. The order of events: 4/28/2012: Ordered Furniture through Crib City, PARAMUS. Paid in full. Delivery ticket indicates 5/25 delivery date. SAM is contact 5/16/2012: Called to confirm order and delivery. SAM checks system and indicates all seems in order. 5/23/2012: Called again to inquire about delivery time. LESLIE says that we can expect to hear about delivery time by 9:30 AM 5/25/2012. If not, I am instructed to call. 5/24/2012: Called to confirm delivery. PHIL says he will check and call back. No call was received. 5/24/2012: Message left by SAM indicating that delivery will NOT happen on 5/25 as scheduled. Reason given is that furniture is on a truck in Virginia, and the truck will not leave Virginia until after Memorial Day Holiday, a full 4 days after delivery schedule. Expresses that there is nothing they can do. SAM says that he has been on the phone all day with MANUFACTURER to figure out the delay. 5/30/2012: Called to inquire about progress of shipment/delivery. LESLIE says that the order is IN TRANSIT. 6/1/2012: Called to inquire about progress of shipment/delivery. SAM says that the shipment is IN TRANSIT and should arrive after the weekend. 6/4/2012: Called to inquire about progress of shipment/delivery. LESLIE again says it is in transit, and the truck in VIRGINIA has left this day. SAM is on vacation, I am asked to wait until Monday. I relay that this is unacceptable. 6/4/2012: Called MANUFACTURER. Information is that the furniture is ready to go, no delay on their end, but is NOT on a truck. Furniture is in MANUFACTURER WAREHOUSE awaiting RELEASE ORDER from Crib City. 6/4/2012: Called Crib City to declare that the furniture is NOT on a truck like they have been telling me for 2 weeks, but needs to be released. LESLIE says she will call CORPORATE OFFICE to discover what is going on. 6/4/2012: Called Corporate office from 12:30 until 5PM to speak with GINA/MANAGER. Unable to get GINA on phone. 6/4/2012: Called Corporate Shipping Department. PAULETTE claims it is EN ROUTE, but has no other information. 6/4/2012: GINA returns phone calls at 5:15. Says that the order has been released, does not understand why SAM/LESLIE/PHIL confirmed a delivery date or said furniture was ON TRUCK or IN TRANSIT. Claims that shipment was delayed due to an incomplete order from MANUFACTURER. 6/5/2012: Called MANUFACTURER. Shipment moved and prepared for release, in full, and no indication AT ANY TIME that any pieces were missing. 6/5/2012: Unreturned calls to GINA/MANAGER at Corporate office. 6/5/2012: Call from GINA. Confirms that shipment is being readied for truck tomorrow in NORTH CAROLINA. 6/6/2012: No word on shipment of furniture or expected delivery time. 6/7/2012: Two unanswered voicemails to GINA/MANAGER. 6/8/2012: Voicemail to GINA in am. Return phone call. GINA indicates manufacturer truck should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday, 6/12 or 6/13. Realistic to get furniture next day after that delivery, putting it 3 weeks delayed from delivery date. Mentions possibly waiving sdelivery fee. Offers to have OWNER call me to discuss any other waiving of costs. 6/11/2012: Voicemail to GINA regarding truck/delivery status. 6/11/2012: LESLIE at store could not connect me to SAM, my original salesperson. He was either "in the back" or "just stepped out" but she says that SAM has indicated the truck is coming Thursday or Friday, and they could "waive" the delivery fee, which I've already paid in my original receipt. I mention that I still want to talk to him regarding what they are going to "waive" as I don't think that's enough. 6/11/2012: Left a voicemail on their system asking SAM to call me back. No returned call. 6/12/2012: Called again, only got LESLIE who says SAM is not in today, but will be in tomorrow. 6/12/2012: Called GINA at corporate office, left a message asking about update to delivery truck status. 6/12/2012: Called Manufacturer to check on shipment. Was given Shipping Company's number and the Shipper Number to inquire. 6/13/2012: Called store, got LESLIE who says SAM will call me back. 6/13/2012: SAM returns phone call. I ask the question of who he talked to on 5/24 "yelling at them all day" regarding my order. He says he was yelling at the trucking company SJT. I say that I've been given misinformation and have been lied to for 2 weeks regarding the order. My furniture was never on the truck because I spoke with the manufacturer and know that it was in their warehouse. He says I wasn't lied to and that the information they had was that I was in transit. I ask how that could be when I know that the MANUFACTURER has it in their warehouse, waiting for a release order. I also ask what he would have said when the truck arrived and my furniture wasn't on it. He replies he would tell me it wasn't on the truck. I again say that I've been told for 2 weeks that it was in transit and it wasn't until I connected with the corporate office that "all of a sudden" the release is signed and it's readied for shipment. "I don't know what to tell you, I'm sorry." He says he can waive the delivery fee. I explain that that should be a given, and should have been waived the moment the Delivery Date passed. I told him that considering I've been given misinformation for 2 weeks and that it was only when I tracked down the MANUFACTURER that my order was processing, they are going to have to do more than a waived delivery fee to solve the customer satisfaction issue. I say that I expect a 50% discount on the furniture, but understand that is unlikely, and I agree, after all, I will be getting the goods. So I offer this deal: I want the delivery fee PLUS 20% waived and returned to us, considering a 2 year old is sleeping on the floor for 3 weeks. My phone calls have been avoided for 2 weeks, I've been given false information, and this is unacceptable business practice. For 20% and the delivery fee off, when I receive the furniture, I will consider this solved. SAM asks me if I still want the furniture. I explain that I wanted it in April when I ordered, I wanted it in May when it was supposed to arrive, I wanted it the week after when I was told it was in transit, when I was told that the truck would spend a FULL BUSINESS WEEK sitting in Virginia, and I wanted it when I called the MANUFACTURER to learn it hadn't gone anywhere. I also told SAM that as my retailer, he absolutely had the power to give me what I want. He said he will talk to GINA at corporate regarding this, and I mentioned that I would talk to her as well, and I want to speak to the owner of the company as well if he and/or GINA won't satisfy this. I finally ask him that while I feel 20% is a reasonable penalty for the 3 weeks of bad information, phantom trucking and no release that he should have done a week before my delivery, what does he think is appropriate. No answer. 6/13/2012: I submit a complaint to the Better Business Bureau regarding this. While I have checked off "Complimentary Service" I am asking them to refund my money when I receive the goods and accept that as a LOSS due to their incompetence and LYING to me. 6/14/2012: I call the TRUCKING company to ascertain when the delivery would be arriving at my retailers warehouse. They informed me that it should arrive tomorrow sometime. 6/14/2012: I received a call back from SAM saying that he spoke with GINA, and like he thought, they would only waive the delivery fee. This really got me angry, yet I held my temper as much as possible. I explained that this is STILL unacceptable, and that for 3 weeks I've been given stories as to where my furniture is. I said that they should have signed a release so that the Manufacturer could put it in transit, which they should have done 4 weeks ago, and it was only when I found this out that anything happened. I also said that this is entirely their fault. To tell me for 3 weeks that it is IN TRANSIT, when they never checked with the Manufacturer to determine that was FALSE, is unacceptable. And the waiving of a delivery fee should have been a given the moment they missed the original delivery date. I then placed a call to GINA, and got her voicemail. No surprise there. I left a message saying that to not offer anything other than the waiving of a delivery fee is UNACCEPTABLE, and I expect a phone call back from either her or ED KLOSS, the owner, to discuss this.
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