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Celltradein - Total SCAM!

Sadly my story is similar to the other posts but I thought it best to tell it anyways to show they are STILL ripping people off. I sent in my HTC EVO 4G to them 4 weeks ago - they received it and offered me a lower quote than originally quoted for a phone in perfect condition. I had a screen cover and a case on the phone it was imaculate so I declined their offer and told them to send it back to me....well, of course they didn't. After emailing them twice asking where my phone was I got a response saying sorry you will paid immediately but once again - NO PAYMENT! I am livid. The BBB shouldn't allow this company to continue ripping people off. They have far more complaints than compliments. Don't send them your phone because even if you get an offer it will be less than they quote you online - that's the scam - send it in, either accept a lower offer or they just keep your phone and you get NOTHING. IT SHOULD BE A RED FLAG THAT THEY DONT HAVE A CONTACT PHONE NUMBER ON THEIR WEBSITE - THE ONLY REASON WOULD BE BECAUSE YOU DONT WANT TO FIELD ALL THE NEGITIVE CALLS BECAUSE YOU ARE SCAMMING PEOPLE.
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DO NOT do business with celltradein. They are a bunch of crooks and will steal your cell phone or ipad.

I sent celltradein an iphone and ipad, neither of which they ever paid me for. Do not do business with this company.


This company is one of three buy back companies owned by Ken Haller and They have been consistently ripping off the exact same way with all his companies and multiple complaints have been filed with the Attorney General of Illinois.

Next step is the FBI.

They are selling stolen goods across state lines. A felony.


I have also been mislead. I sent in my iphone4 in perfect condition with wall charger and in it's original box.

I am so furious that I didn't read all of this before hand! I have filed a complaint with BBB and written several emails stating that I demand my items be returned to me. I work at a national news station, I have already spoken with our news team to write a segment on this company and it's tendency toward theft and fraud.

Unacceptable. I'm so livid.


i sent in my phone, received the check but it bounced when i deposited it. Has anyone else experienced this


I have recently sent in iphone 4 for these guys, have not seeing any penny shows up either by the check or PayPal, filed complaint to BBB at Chicago, they should have this site shut down as soon as possible.


Very positive experience. Original quote for my Kindle Fire in good condition was $75.

I sent the tablet in, and they agreed to the original quote of $75.

I received my check 4 days after that. It was very easy.I would absolutely use them again.


I have had a very poor experience regarding this company. They say they will give 5% + plus the quote you receive from another company, if it's higher than theirs.

After 2 tries to contact them to honor what they post on their web site, I simply gave up! They don't deserve my business!


I had the exact same experience as Beth. Sent my near perfect iPhone 3 after receiving a quote for $80, and got the same "many scratches" on the LCD screen and back.

I replied with the explanation that it was in near-perfect conditio had been covered with the $30.00 leather case (that I sent them along with the phone) and were they sure it was my phone they were taking about.

Shortly after, I received a reply stating that they "inspect hundreds of phones a day" and would issue a check for the original $80.00 within 12-24 hours. Got the $80.00 check 5 days later.


I was worried after reading these reviews and just mailing off my iPhone 3 to Celltradein. My original quote was $80 and they came back to me with an offer of $64 due to some minor scratches and normal wear.

I accepted and received the check yesterday. Overall, I am very pleased.


Boy an I sorry I did not come to this site before entering into a business deal with these *** don not deal with these people unless you like getting screwed they are the worst entity that I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with total scam!

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