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USAA turned their backs USAA USAA USAA

Been a customer of USAA since 1979. They were great to work with here and abroad. I could not have been happier with my banking situation. Retirement (1995) was seamless and the great service continued till 2010 when I lost my job; no fault of my own, the economy claimed another causality. After being unemployed for 3-4 months I called USAA to let them know and to find out if they could help. OMG you would have though I robbed their bank. USAA not only did not help but re-affirmed they expected full payment on everything every month - no exceptions. I have been able to continue payments on my house, car and insurance for both. But I could not handle the AMX payment and asked for help; more than once. No sir, we can not help you...'make your payments'. Asked for advice how to do this with out a job; can not remember the answer but I remember feeling alone and betrayed. Between Feb 2010 and as of last week I have tried to work something out with USAA, but NO HELP, just advise. A customer in good standing since 1979, never late on a payment of any kind, in a bind and USAA turned their back on me. The reason I have stayed with them this long is because I can remember when customer service was great. They now treat me poorly, transferred phone calls between USAA employees each giving me the run around. I have asked for their help more than once but not once have they made any effort to help other that to advise me to make my payments. Oh...did I mention my wife left me while I was in Iraq 2007 - **** (contractor in Taji) and I now pay her spousal support, i.e., part of my retirement. I tried to factor this into my situation but again advised to make my payments. ONE LAST TRY...I am going to their Colorado Springs office and meet face to face with them and try and sort this out. That is a one day drive to do something I could have done over the phone before I lost my job. If this does not work out and they continue with this 'we do not care you do not have a job, make your payments' attitude I will move on to another bank. I have done nothing to deserve this disrespect. I had a hard go of it for a year but now have a job again. This is another reason I have tried to reach-out to them so I can make the 'pot right' with them. No help and just in the past couple months they turned my AMX account to collections - remember I have stayed up with my house, car and insurance payment. Loyalty seems to be going one way - me to USAA...but not for much longer is they continue to disrespect me. USAA - this is a 2 minute warning. What are you going to do? Start walking your talk..... or I will walk away.
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Since you are driving to the Springs can I assume you currently reside in Colorado? If that is true and if they have in fact placed your account into collections, check to see if they sent you a 30, 60, 90 day notice of your past due debt AND per Colorado law a registered letter stating your account is now in collections.

If you are in collections and did not receive that registered letter you can dispute the validity of debt with agencies who will remove the entry due to no proof.

This is not legal/financial advise and non payment on collections may result in loss of the ability to use the website as well as receive credit from them again.

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