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The Summerlin House - Summerlin House is a JOKE

My experience is the same as below!!! Got tons of emails BEFORE she got out $1000 deposit!! Oh wait NON REFUNDABLE deposit!! Then she goes MIA.. We gave her a check Saturday afternoon, she took it to our bank and cashed it Monday morning... Can you say TACKY!!!! We want our money back and to cancel our wedding and she refuses to give us any of our $1000 back. Booking our wedding hasn't cost her a dime, yet she feels entitled to my $1000. She is a SICK and DEMENTED person!! I have notified Action 9 Investigates and The Knot to get her OFF their website!!! You are better off having your wedding in a Crack House than at the Summerlin House!!!!!
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I'm about to do a small claim suit as well. Yea.. i'm sure the money will never show up.



Nothing's happening with it. She didn't show up so now there's a "judgement" against her, but based on everything else that seems to be going on with her, we're not anticipating getting our money back :(


It gets worse!! She actually cancelled our wedding because I posted this!!

She said she has the right to refuse anyone!! So she cancelled our wedding and plans on keeping our $1000 deposit!! I'm going to creae a Facebook page against her!! And try to get in touch with more people.

Maybe we can get a class action lawsuit. I will post once the page is created.

I'm even going to copy the public records of her eviction and 3 breach of contract lawsuits and post them. Someone needs to shut her down!


Let me know how to help! I had my wedding there in April.

It ended up working out, but it wasn't for her! It was all my other vendors, and she took our money and never laid said vendors until there was threatening small claims actions! She is absolutely insane!! I hear her lease is up this tear and they aren't resigning her, yet..

She's still booking brides!! We need to do something!!


Hope, i've been avoiding sm claims cause i hear it takes forever, how is yours coming along? how long ago did you have this problem with her?


I had the same issue as all the other posts. I actually just hired her for floral and coordination services (at another venue).

She cashed my check and then was completely unavailable. I did take it to small claims court, but she didn't show up for the court date, so a judgement was filed against her.

I'd love to team up with everyone else who's been treated badly by her. She shouldn't get away with running her "business" like this.


i have recently had the same problem, she got $900 from me. I have also contacted channel 9 news.. please let me know how I can help w/ keeping Joyce from doing any more destruction to innocent couples!!

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