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Morgan Stanley - Avoid Morgan Stanely Smith Barney Like The Plague

First this is review for Morgan Stanley not any branch. Their web tools for clients are a joke. They also put 5 day holds on all checks deposited, so if you use them for your checking they will hold your money to earn interest for themselves. When you point out that under banking laws this illegal they say they are not a bank and those laws do not apply to them. You cannot use an ATM to do deposits, so you have to drive or mail it, not scan and send. Also they *** on the commission they charge 1.5% total rip. Go to Merril Lynch which where I came from before my broker jumped to Morgan. This is an antiquated company charging big commission with Zero value. As corporation they do not give a rip about their clients.
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Having been involved in offshore financial services in Hong Kong over a large number of years, I baulk at the obviouse tactics of so called professionals slandering the names of their competitors to try and gain points by posting such utter rubbish. I would much rather see financial consultants concentrating on their clients needs and investments than taking time to rubbish the industry they pretend to represent as professionals.

I am not suggesting for 1 minute that there are not some genuine complaints on this ridiculously unregulated web site.

But by allowing totally anonymous posts and holding absolutely no one responsible for their actions is simply negligent and irresponsible. All companies from Walmart to the dry cleaners in your local town will receive complaints at one time or another, and then the person with the complaint goes to the supplier to sort it out.

If the supplier does not deal with it in a professional manner post on sites like this and get the truth out there, of course give the post the credibility it deserves by using your real name. By doing this gripe sites like this will become a valuable resource and stop all this in fighting between ex employees and competing companies.

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Panera Bread Company Management is Bad

I went to my Panera located in San Juan Capistrano, CA. I was there at 8:50 and I asked if they were still serving the girl said yes. It took forever to serve me, they said it was since they had shut down the grill and they put the food away. When I finally was served the girl slammed the plate down and said eat fast. She then went to the middle of the room and yelled we are closed. I feared that she might have done something to my food, so I left my un eaten food and left. Bad managment they should not close the grill or put away type foot till they at closed. I go to several Paneras and I find the managment to be poor.
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Maybe you shouldn't go into a restaurant 10 MINUTES before close and order dine-in food. They shouldn't have been so rude but you should have been considerate of the fact that you are hindering these minimum wage employee's ability to go home to their lives and families.

By effect, you are being a bad customer. Have some consideration for the people behind the counter and treat them like people


Yea I'm sorry if the closer did this I don't agree but we are supposed to be out by a certain time if we don't then we are pressured and on certain nights the line should have two closer so yea it's frustrating when people order right before you close and they get it for here and yea so what if we gat paid a lot of times it's not enough to put up with rude customers out yourself in both peoples shoes both people should be considerate of one another


I work at a Panera currently and honestly your kind of attitude doesnt help in the slightest. at 4 minutes to close (in what i am guessing was an empty store) our goal as line associates is to close the store.

1) if a grill was shutdown you were ordering a panini. 2) by the end of the night we are out of our Prepped Paninis and had to make one by scratch. as paninis are more complex than Lettuce tomatoe meat that takes some time. yes alot of the food was pulled because we are *** human beings.

on a good night we liked to have the food off the line by close. 3) she probably let people know that they were closed because they have to clean up after your self-entitled *** and the whole dining room. there are only 2 people on the line after 8-ish (as opposed to 4 for dinner).

Moral of the sotry: If you have to ask a place if they are still serving WALK THE *** AWAY. im sorry but what did you expect from a bunch of minimum wage paid teenagers who have just worked 8 hours on their feet at 9pm.*** you and the lot of you who agree with her.


No, *** you, you little brat. If your store is still open, you respectfully serve everyone who comes in.

At least, do that if you want money. Don't call your customers entitled either, especially since you're the entitled one here.

A customer is not entitled for expecting service during business hours because that's what you're *** paid (by your boss, and by the customer) to do. You are entitled for expecting people to not come in just because it's close to the end of the workday and your feet hurt.


You're both acting entitled, but honestly, it is rude to order DINE IN food, being well aware that the whole time you are dining, the store is closed. Are they supposed to stay there an extra hour to let you finish your meal?

Order your food to go, or quite literally eat fast. I am a manager at Panera and I will ask people to leave at 9:30 pm because I have a life and I need to get these often times underage employees out before 10 pm or it violates child labor laws.

In essence, you, the customer, who technically is no longer a customer since we are closed, are hindering that because of your entitlement that says just because I am wearing this uniform I am required to stay late and cater to your needs. I have class in the morning, don't be a ***.


Businesses that serve food should ALL change their hours for their employees! If the resturant's hours are, for instance, 11am to 9pm, then the employees hours at the end of the night should be 9:30 or 10:00pm.

Then this sort of thing wouldn't happen! After all, if they open at 11am, they dont have employees come IN at 11! No, they come in earlier for prep time!

If they say they're open til 9, then they should absolutely and happily take orders until 9! Otherwise, they should move their hours back an hour!


I work at Panera. When you close, the store closes at 9 and you are there until your work is done.

There is no set time for you to leave. I'd be curious to know if you've ever worked retail/food. Closing always sucks, no matter what store or restaurant you work at. You have to spend your entire night at this place while other people who are done with their shifts at work for the day come in and act like jerks because they KNOW you have to serve them, no matter how close to closing time they come in.

It is a nasty thing, closing in retail, and your idea of "rolling back hours" is worthless. The same things would still happen, and to be honest I believe this original poster is exaggerating their story quite a bit. Slamming down the plate and saying "eat fast" is the quickest way to get yourself written up, and I'm sure the girl just wasn't AS FRIENDLY as the poster thought she should be, which is just ridiculous. People aren't robots.

They have things going on in their lives outside of serving you food. Keep that in mind.


I've eaten at many Paneras and my wife was actually the baker at the one in Huntsville, AL. Not only is the food great, but it is a good company to work for.

You came in right before they closed. The employees had already cleaned in anticipation of leaving work, but they didn't turn you away and gave you what you requested.

Chalk it up to a bad night and give them another shot.


Have you ever worked in food? Do you even realize how frustrating it probably was for those employees to have you come in 10 minutes before close? They have very long shifts at Panera and that girl could have been there for over 10 hours.


That is not really any of his or anyone else's concern. You are paid by the customer to be courteous and a good server in general, and you are paid by your boss to do your job and serve the food. If you only want the meager pay you get from your boss, feel free to be a *** to customers, but if you want a tip, you do your job right no matter what time it is.

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Level 3 Communications Are ***

This company is garbage. We had their T1 it was never as fast as sold and it was unreliable too. Their customer service is non existant. They take you money and do not give a rip. We canceled them after 2.5 years of *** service, then they pull a contract out that we did not sign and say we owed them for the full 3 yrs. I called their customer service pointing to the thousands in lost production cost that they cost our company and they told me to F myself and pay, in nice corporate BS. We switched to Cox and there are no issues more reliable, faster and shocker customer service. I hope this company goes under. I wish I had the the time and the money to sue this *** company. AVOID LEVEL 3 LIKE THE PLAGUE
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Level 3 Communications are scam artists..F what ^ these guys say I've experienced myself..I dunno bout Cox but Level 3 can suck it


what a troll...


Cox gets their services from Level 3 anyway.

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