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Pines of Sarasota Nursing Home No Good

Pines of Sarasota is a nursing ,rehab, and assisted living facility located in one of the more dangerous parts of Sarasota, FL. There are drugs being dealt, and killings that have taken place within blocks of this facility. Pines of Sarasota, formerly known as Sarasota Welfare Home is a so called non profit organization. As most non profits they cry for money all the time. Sarasota, FL has many very influential people and many of these people along with businesses, charity and private donors help keep the place running. The administrative staffing at Pines of Sarasota far exceeds what would be practical for this type of business. Administration and office staff on top of office staff is common practice. Directors for anything you can imagine and assistants for those directors. Every other chance its another party, banquet, meeting whatever the case to kill a day and try to justify there paychecks. The medical staff most of the time is overloaded and many times short handed. Money that has been spent on computer software for the medical departments was a waste. The program is half hazard at best. The software has not been installed in the entire facility as of this writing therefore causing extensive amounts of work for the people whom are working. Some of the Environmental Service Department staff are sleeping in utility areas during their shift, hiding out watching TV, and even going as far as throwing clothes and personal items in the trash can instead of washing them. Many of the items that you or your loved one has sent to be laundered simply will not return. Many people end up in this facility because they have exhausted their money elsewhere or just do not have the money to pay for a regular type facility. Pines of Sarasota has relied heavily on Medicare type patients, unfortunately the administration and management has only there benefits and themselves in mind. There have been a few people that have demonstrated care and concern for the facility. If you check into it there are so many better nursing facilities in the Sarasota area. Facilities that do care, and located in much safer areas and are far better. Sarasota Memorial Hospital actually runs a pretty decent facility located off Clark Road. Please do not contribute to this so called organization and do not allow yourself, a friend, or a loved one to end up in this dreaded place. Do not get sold on the ball of wax and the big showing you will receive. Make up your own mind but in my opinion this place is starting to top the worst.
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