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Energy Brokers who has used APG&E aka Affordable Power

I am writing this complaint on behalf of the Business Electricity Consumers of Texas who has used the services of APG&E aka "Affordable Power" (APG&E) for electricity for their business. After working with Affordable Power "APG&E" as a Broker since 2008 we have identified a serious issue that has caused many commercial users of electricity a large sum of money in savings that could have been applied to the consumers electricity bills. With up to 35% going back into APG&E's pockets when this money should have been going back into the consumers bottom line. It was told in Broker's Agreements with APG&E that this additional 25 to 35% would be paid directly to the us the "Energy Brokers". However APG&E found ways to manipulate these funds back into their pockets. Leaving the Energy Broker and the Electricity Consumer without the additional dollars in commission and or customer savings. This dollar amount is in the multi millions and if this long shark mentality is not stop many Brokerage firms will be forced out of business and the consumers will continue to lose millions. Energy Brokers who has contract with APG&E aka Affordable Power please contact me to be a part of a Claas action Lawsuit this is being filed. 713-303-****
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Affordable Power stole all my company's commissions illegally just because Kamran Virani, the lying president felt like doing so. I would advise any and all brokers / sales partners to stay as far away as possible from this *** company.

You messed with the wrong person APG&E.

Now I get enjoyment from switching out all of your customers to other companies by low balling them. :)





I have the unfortunate distinction of being Kamran Virani's cousin and also working for another one of his small businesses which falls under the same corporate holding company as APG&E. At this business, Kamran contributed to the operations of the company solely through his physical presence, and otherwise having no working knowledge or even a basic understanding of the industry. He did unfortunately affect the (largely female) workplace environment in one compelling way; an associate at the company told me she and others could hear him arguing loudly over the phone with his wife over an extramarital affair. He would also regularly insult his wife in front of clients and the previous business owner, leading to the disapproval of many employees (one of which who quit solely for this reason) and effectively creating a hostile workplace environment.

I have a younger brother who is able to corroborate all of this information in practical and legal terms if necessary. He was also an employee of the business referred to above, and felt that the entire operation lacked any sort of direction - telling me that he would see most of their associates wasting time with no work to do (one particular associate was apparently a big fan of Yahoo! pool). Because of this, EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE OF THE FIRM SAVE FOR ONE (totaling 6-8 people) decided to quit without severance even though they had families and other obligations to provide for.

I am currently staying at a homeless shelter because Kamran has my parents' ear, and much like his approach to business dealings he has chosen an uncompromising approach that has included threatening me, berating me, and generally thinking he is above the norm of acceptable social and professional behavior. I hope this will lead to a careful consideration of thought by any potential customers as to the factors - one such being integrity - that they feel should be required in their business dealings.


APGE and Neuman break contracts all the time. Never get paid for sales made and the owner of the phone room tells us that these guys are not paying him

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