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Glenn Daniels and TouchStone Partners - Glenn E. Daniels & Touchstone Partners

Glenn Daniels and TouchStone Partners from Denver Colorado are running a scam. They hire hard working people from Freelance websites and refuse to pay them for work that is being completed for them. Glenn Daniels and TouchStone Partners from Denver Colorado are also hiring people from the Philippines via Craiglist. These people are doing work for them and Not being paid. People that work from home Beware of Glenn Daniels and TouchStone Partners from Denver Colorado They are dishonest. Don't be Glenn Daniels and TouchStone Partners from Denver Colorado... next victim. He hires people that works from home and Scams them.
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I am so pleased to see that others are realizing what a *** artist and liar G. Daniels is.

Many people have known this for over 15 years. He does not keep any financial obligation. Owes hundreds of persons and businesses tens of thousands dollars.

No one should trust him or his business ventures. Highly unlikely anyone will ever receive a dime from him.


First of all Glenn, you did not provide the information that was needed for the calls to be made properly. When you were asked for the information you would not provide it.

You were very unorganized and very unrealistic with your expectations. You sent lists that had several numbers that were not valid and several more that the contact person had not worked for the company in years. Others had completely changed owners. There were more than just 1 appointments set your reps just decided not to go to them and then one of them saw through your lies and quit.

This is not the first time that you have done this and you never intended on paying because the payment menthod you set up was not valid. Don't try and say that you are not in the wrong here because you are. After you got the first week of time sheets and the organized completed call sheet you never updated your payment method. If you would like to hear more of what I have to say you can call me.

You have my number. I am the Niki that called you yesterday. Oh and if you think this is going to stop here you are saddly mistaken.

I don't work for free and I have records of all the calls that were made. Now if you would like this to end and these posts deleted, pay what you agreed to pay for the work that was done.


Dishonesty and Lies are How Glenn Daniels operates. The job listing said and via a recorded conservation we would have Verified lists...

That Never happened and He has done the same thing to other companies... He didn't pay because he didn't have the money his credit cards was expired. I just had a conversation with him and he was loving our ideas. He is a Liar...

Scammer....and... Low Life Bottom Fedder that will be getting sued.


This company was hired to set 4 appointments per hour for us. After nearly 72 hours of work they had booked 8 appointments.

6 of them where appointments to drop off information, not appointments for the Representative. 1 appointment they tried to claim that someone else had set it up but they also claimed in the next statement to us that she had verified the appointment with the wrong person. 1 appointment was good. Would any one pay for this?

The owner of this company told me that they do not make cold calls. What type of Telemarketing group does not make cold calls? Now they want to claim that we are a fraud. She even called one of our Representatives a liar, after verifying personally it was plain to see that this company can not be trusted and now they want to pass the blame.

Remember they signed on to produce only 4 appointments per hour and then produced 8 appointments in 72 hours of work and only 1 of the 8 was a legitimate. Would you pay them?


I spent 2 weeks working for Glenn Daniels and did NOT GET PAID on dime! He is a fraud!


I spent 2 weeks working for Glenn Daniels and did NOT GET PAID on dime! He is a fraud!

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