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Myler Disability - Myler makes money only by going to court

At Myler Disability, we take only get paid if your benefits are approved. Even then, any fee we receive must first by approved by Social Security. As such, the work we do is closely scrutinized by the government and if we weren't extremely competent and successful, we would have gone out of business a long time ago. With us, you can be assured that you're hired advocates who have proven time and time again that we're going to do all we can to win your claim.
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I had a disability form filled out by my pain management doctor. I called myler to find out where should I send the form they told me to send it to social security but gave me their address which at the time I didnt notice.

Well the form never got to ss and claim denied again. They didnt know what medical documents ss have because they get the documents not them. I had the wrong info on my letter which now I have another chance to provide the correct info. I will not let them handle my case anymore.

They have yet to do anything but when and if you win they want 6 grand of your and the lawyers dont do nothing and dont know nothing about your case. who is myler anyway because his associates go before the judge not him. The minimum wage employees they have there are the problem you get what you pay for. Sounds good in the beginning but its all a scam....

beware of them dont waste your time. Its been almost a year for me and I know if ss had the correct and all my medical documentation things would be different.


Why are all you complaining about $6,000.00, all other attorneys take 25% of total back pay. :?


Personally, I am not using their services but know someone who is. My only problem that I am witness with this company is that they lack communication skills,and they don't have confidence in their name.

I mean this person that was assigned to my friends case was not informed on the clients file..kept asking my friend if he takes medicine and all kinds of *** questions. She should have known that he was indeed taking about 6 different meds and who in the *** can remember that.I was blown away by this and then was talking that the case didn't look to good but doing the hearing in front of the ALG my friend said he did all the talking and that the judge seemed pretty cool..the lawyer or whoever she was mixed files up and the ALG was annoyed with that.I don't know about this company..The lady was not prepared and it's almost like when you first meet someone. She didn't introduce herself to me at all and I was there to help my friend. She stated we only have this much time before they call us back, I'm thinking to my self either you was late or you don't know what you are doing..My friend and I was there at the office an hour early.

I guess they operate this way due to not getting paid if they lose the case.

I just think they need to take time out to really help the clients check in every once in a while..and kinda get to know the person you are working with. GEESH!!


Not with the backlog of Disability claims in front of the courts in your state.


they have been good to me over the last 2 years and 3 months :) :)


:cry :cry


To the confused... Myler associates told me I needed their services prior to the hearing!!

They withheld medical documents that clearly made my case strong. They gave me instructions that were incorrect and now I have to wait almost a year for a hearing. Since you are confused did I make it more clear for you. If not figure it out on your own.

People obtain legal service for one reason they need HELP. They are suppose to provide a service which they are clearly not able to do because of the confused staff, like yourself they have handling the cases.

@The scammmed

I understand what a lot of you folks are going through I to had similar issue pertaining to this company Myler Disability. while I was waiting on a fed back on my case I notice that it had been awhile since I heard anything so I decided to give them a call.

When I ask them for a update on my claim I was ask did I go to the doctor appointment that was schedule for me by the state. I was puzzled I was like what appointment then they said there was a appointment schedule for you on this particular date. So I ask them why wasn't I notify of this Dr. appointment so they came up with this BS lame excuse to try and cover up their lie.

I mean they never even bother to call me are send me out the mail notices so by them failing not communicating with me I now have to wait on this long hearing to see the judge. Unbelievable !


I hired Myler in Oct. 2011 and was approved by SSA for disability in May 2012.

Myler pretty much did what they said they would. They filled out the application and followed up with SSA during the process. They always responded to my email (always the best way). Whether that was worth $6,000 is a big question.

I would have been better off filling out the application myself. But it was comforting having them in my corner during the process.


Your complaint makes no sense. It's loaded with inconsistencies. The only reasons one needs a company like Mylar are 1)you want to have representation before a judge at a hearing, 2) you find the application process too confusing, or 3), you want the security of having someone in your corner during the process.

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