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Stephen Pierce International - Stephen Pierce does not deliver service

I attended the "Get Motivated" to get ripped off seminar in Lexington KY, October 2011. I too fell prey to Stephen Piece and one of his sidekicks, Corey someone, on achieving finance success through their affiliate marketing packages. After these sales gurus, captivated my attention, they convinced me that I could become financially successful if I invested in one of their affiliate marketing training packages. I purchased the Platinum Package, that included unlimited LPG express (I think this is unlimited landing pages) for $6994. Yes, I "purchased" the package at a total cost of $6,994. They forbid you to use the words "purchase" and "cost". You are to refer to the process as "investing in yourself" - "investing in your education." The package I purchased consists of a box of seven CDs,, unlimited landing pages, and attendance at a two-day summit in Utah. After I listened to one of the CDs, I had questions, so I attempted to contact someone for technical support. I was batted around several times, on several occasions, but was never able to reach anyone who had the expertise to respond to my questions, so I put the CD box aside and tried to ignore the fact been the victim of a $6,994 scam. It was $6,994 I did not have. Rather, I placed myself in debt to purchase this package of snake oil. The sales receipt called the "Program, Product and Training Agreement" has all sorts of disclaimers on the reverse side of the sales receipt. Looking at this retrospectively, when a company has a full page of disclaimers on the reverse side of the sales receipt, the company likely has had many complaints, but has no intention of returning your money, should you not be satisfied with the package. But, of course, their focus is on getting you to sign the form and sending you on your way. They certainly are not going to sit down and explain that the package is a ripoff and that they have no intention of returning your money when you realize that you have been scammed. As of May, 2012 they are now calling me again, asking me to reserve my spot and confirm my attendance - hotel stay, etc. at one of the upcoming summits in Utah. The upcoming one is in June. They even asked me if I have any food allergies, in case a meal might have food allergens. Of course, this is not an all-expenses-paid trip, they just want to make sure that you are locked in on attending. My speculation is that it is a sucker count, of sorts No doubt, they will be peddling some kind of coaching package there - probably to the tune of $10,000. Anyway, that's my nightmare with Stephen Pierce and the rest of is snake oil peddlers. I am another victim of slick sales tactics, designed to swindle you. Recommend that you contact stephenpiercescam.101@***.com if you have been conned into giving this guy your money and then couldn't get any attention from him.
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You are too kind in describing this scam artist as a snake oil salesman.

In the days that they traveled around the wild west they at least gave you something for you money. This person gives you NOTHING and then refuses to give any refunds - at all.

Stay well clear folks and don't say that you were not warned. :(

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