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Iyogi - Posed as a Best Buy-Webroot Associate

I really thought I had gotten Webroot as that is what I typed in when I did my search for their number. I wanted to contact Webroot because I renewed Webroot but my computer was still saying I hadn't. The 800 number was for,it turns out, IYogi and the guy let me believe for 40 minutes that he was a best buy, webroot guy that was going to help me figure this out. He took control of my computer and now I am furious as I have no idea what info was "taken" from me, and what this might cost me in the end. When I realized he was NOT a rep for webroot or best buy, I got so angry. I hung up and shut down my computer. DO NOT trust them; scammers who want to sell you their stuff.
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Dear Shirley,

We regret that your experience with iYogi was not satisfactory. We take feedback very seriously as it helps in our endeavor to continuously improve our services. We would like to investigate the incident you are reporting and so we request you to kindly send an email to with your account details.


iYogi Customer Service


This happened to me too! They even said I could contact the better business bureau!!

They were very insistent that the were not trying to make a sale, they said they just wanted to make sure my comp and info were safe by taking control of it!! They never resolved my problem and it cost me 169.99 dollars which I demanded a refund! I am only receiving 110.00 in a few days!

They were very very pushy!! They need to be reported!!


You should be investigated by the proper athorities and sued for tripple the amount you've screwed your clients out of. And I just saw that you had a term I've typed in to my search engine numerous times attached to your name prior to this comment.

Go ahead and try to take more from me. My attorney is live imaging all my info.


Dear Jojobeana,

iYogi is an independent provider of remote tech support services and is not affiliated to any third party brand like Webroot or BestBuy. This fact is very clearly mentioned on all our web properties.

Please elaborate on how the iYogi representative let you believe that we were Webroot or BestBuy, as we would like to investigate this incident. You can send an email to iYogiCare@***.com and please do also mention the date and approximate time of your call and the name you used on the call.

In addition we assure you that along with taking user feedback very seriously, iYogi follows the international standards for data protection to protect our users, privacy and data.

We will look forward to your email and if there is anything else we can assist you with please feel free to add that in your email.


Customer Service Team


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Silver Ace Poodles - Sold us a very sick puppy

The pup had a heart murmur, an enlarged heart, level 4 toxicity for giardia and coccidia, and 3 episodes of "low-blood sugar" attacks that were concealed from us. The $ for the pet was returned, but not the $ from the ER visit when she had her 4th episode. The heartbreak of having to return her, our loss after bonding, and having to return her to the puppy mill breeder can't be fixed. We would never have taken the little pup off of her property had she been honest with us about having 3 previous episodes while in her "care".
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I appreciate everyone's comments and even the owner of Silver Ace adding her opinions. The facts are (and I guess Karne is dismissing them) I told her I wanted to make sure the heart was OK as I had just suffered the loss of my 9 year old tiny Chihuahua due to her heart murmur and didn't want to go through the premature death again.

3 vets saw her and told me it was severe.

Not one of you can tell me that a pup with a bad heart would outlive one WITH A GOOD HEART! The vets confirm that statement.


Mur 7 years and still going strong. Just because her vet says so doesn't make it true.

My vet says she could have a normal life and she does.

It wasn't met to be. Mur saved her moms life and is a very special girl.


We got 2 poodles (brother and sister) from Karen 7 years ago. Shortly after getting them the vet stated he had not seen such healthy dogs in a long time. Both are in extremely good health now and are a real joy to us.

Russ and Susan Vague


This puppy named Mur is now 3 years old 2 lbs. and a lover she is just fine andfor a puppy this size low-blood sugar is normal and if she would have read the dis-claimer would have known how to treat a dog of this size and never would have had the seizer episodes in the first place.

Nothing was with-held from her she knew the dog had low blood sugar seizers and in my opinion was very irresponsible in not taking care of this issue. This lady also said that she loved the dog very much and even then brought Mur back.

It is to bad that the dog is just fine and is a two lb. love which is exactly what she wanted.

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