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USAA: Bold-faced Liars

USAA is a terrible organization that has no care for it's customers and their families. I recently went TDY for several weeks. Prior to my departure, I added a debit card for my wife (who is a foreign national new to this country). We also recently had our first child ( 6 weeks old), and my wife does not work so she can stay home and care for him. Before the debit card was activated, USAA informed me they needed a copy of her military ID--nothing more. I faxed in a copy, then called to confirm they received it, which they did. They activated her card, allowed several transactions, and without notice, placed a hold on the entire account. This couldn't happen at a worse time. My wife was out of groceries, and my son needed diapers, wipes, and diaper rash cream. After speaking with USAA, they informed me that they misinformed me, and they need more information for verification. I explained my situation and the fact that my family should not have to suffer for their mistake. They refused to rectify the situation until I faxed the information in. The problem is, my wife doesn't have access to money, or a fax, and I am 5,000 miles away. Finally, I got a buddy to fax them the information--which they claimed they did not receive, 3 TIMES! Finally they got it, and proceed to tell them again, they want additional information in conjunction with their previous request. The did not care my son was without diapers and wipes, nor did they care that my wife did not have money to get food and potable water. I has lost complete respect for this company, and learned that they are just like every other corporate brand--money hungry without a care for its costs to consumers. The last I checked, food was life and death and sanitary items are a necessity in the prevention or potentially fatal infections--not that they care. If this is how they treat military families, I will no longer be using their services. Just got a follow up from USAA. They received my complaint I filed with the Better Business Bureau. All of a sudden, they tell me they have had all the information they requested for over 2 months and have fixed my account. This comes after they told me yesterday that they didn't receive anything, and that I needed to send everything for the 4th time. USAA is a pile of untrustworthy, unprofessional, disorganized, and downright disrespectful people. Supporters of the U.S. military and their families my ***.
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:( USAA used to take pride in taking care of their customers-pretty much since their member expansion a few year ago-they could not care less! It is a shame-I'm taking my business elsewhere.

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