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Sweet Sams - Sweet Sam's or Sweet JESUS!!?!?

Unfortunately these delectable treats come with a price. Sure, they taste good, and those who have tasted cannot argue that for a packaged coffee cake it used to be tops. Until... - THE HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My colleague shares an unopened package of Sweet Sam's Coffee Streusel Cake with me. Little did I know I would soon pay the price for breaking my diet for the 89th time this year. Context - I am semi-germophobic, as is the rest of America I'm sure. So shield your children from this story. Purell has invented no medication to cure me from this experience. As I broke off little piece after little piece, I got no more than 1/4 into the coffee cake as I saw a BLACK HAIR in the center of the cake. I thought to myself, surely this could not be...not me, not today...NO. So I gave it a chance to redeem itself and slowly peeled off crumb after crumb to discover that the longest hair on earth has been embedded into my Sweet Sam's. WTF...I mean Sweet JESUS why me...WHY!!?!?!? It is so long that it cannot be pulled out, immediately I felt semi-nauseaus (remember I'm not full blown phobic, so I am not in the emergency room yet...but I am done with eating for the day that's for sure). I took several pictures, and I am now posting them EVERYWHERE! My colleague attempted calling them and they have made attempts to recompense. They are very apologetic and civil, and I'm sure there is no way to achieve 100% quality control with a perfect history...but wow did this happen to the wrong person or what! Ugh...I wish I could reach inside of my body and remove every last drop, but it's impossible. Whatever disease this hairy person has I now have. Soon something will be growing inside of me :( ugh...Okay, I'm being a little extra...but honestly, this is just disgusting. How does a hair make it's way into a packaged pastry dessert? Are you kiddin me?
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