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Cancelled our property insurance due to exceed claims and they have the right to cancel you. 1st claim. Wind broke patio table and umbrella. 2nd claim. Kid broke a glass door in our rental house. 3rd claim. People broke in our home and took military supplies, laptops, camera & jewelry. We were not able to renew! Car insurance. We hit a deer, hit & run on post, someone hit our car causing a total loss. The car was a total loss after the deer but by accident they still gave us full coverage and when try to claim they said I was not allowed bc I was never suppose to have full coverage for a total loss. I said well I fixed my car, took it for insp and I am paying for my full coverage? So they had to take care of it. Jewelry insurance: Someone stole a ring in Prague and we not being aware of having insurance still for this did not claim until one day my husband checked the acts and saw a monthly charge from USAA. Bye mistake they never canceled the other policy and after you have no more property insurance you are not allowed to have any other coverage. My husband told them well is your fault I had been paying for years and is there so my wife lost her ring and I will like to claim it. They said I lied and the inspector close the case as not enough evidence or something like that. I am no allowed to see the case in writing just by phone! So funny the time they are claiming they talked to me I was out of the country and they can't even give me a name or a phone number of who they talked to. We never got an e-mail concerning this matter and they said they mailed letter which we never received. Case closed no pay and not allowed to any other policies concerning insurance for any of our belongs! MY HUSBAND CALLED TO GET FULL COVERAGE YESTERDAY AND HE WAS TOLD THAT HE IS NOT ALLOWED TO FULL COVERAGE DUE TO THE RIND ACCIDENT THIS TIME. EVERY TIME THEY USE A DIFFERENT EXCUSE AND ALWAYS THE ONE THEY MESSED UP WITH BECAUSE THEY DID NOT CANCEL US LIKE THEY WERE SUPPOSE TOO. I AM WARNING YOU TO PLEASE KEEP IN MIND HOW THEY WORK THINGS AROUND AND EXCUSES ARE USED ALWAYS IN THEIR FAVOR. THE PROBLEM IS THAT YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE INSPECTOR PAPERS AND DECISIONS. I TOLD THEM TODAY I DO NOT CARE FOR USAA BECAUSE WE AHVE ANOTHER PROPERTY INSURANCE AND AUTO INSURANCE WHO IS EVEN BEATING THEIR PRICES. WE USE TO PAY MONTHLY FOR USAA AND NOW WE ARE PAYING THE SAME AMOUNT FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! IF YOU WANT PROOF OF ALL THEY AHVE DONE TO US, CONTACT ME I AM WILLING TO POST THIS ANYWHERE TO AWARE MILITARY FAMILIES LIKE US OF CLAIMS IN THEIR FUTURE. IF YOU ARE FREE OF CLAIMS OF COURSE YOU WILL BE 100% SATISFIED CUSTOMER :)
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Based on the information you provided I would not insure you either. You either have the worst luck in the world or you are running an scam.

You have more claims then sense! Dont blame USAA just blame yourself for leaving the house.

People with as much bad luck as you have really should not leave the house. Ever.


I agree, they never support our military families. I have heard hundreds of negative stories about USAA, to include several of my own.

No wonder they are playing so many commercials. They should be rated and kicked out of banking to America's precious military commodity.

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