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John Darer of Was A Horrible Experience

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This is a bogus complaint,one of 3 identical that were posted to 3 separate services within minutes of each other on May 8, 2012. We believe all of these were written by the same person, who registered as many as 9 domains solely for the purpose of deafming John Darer. We have confirmed the identity of the person (believed to be the same person here) and you will soon see his name on legal complaint in which he will be asked to prove all this BS. The defamatory activity against John Darer has ramped up in forums such as Pissed Consumer because the defamer has reached the beginning of the end. The defamer who posted this is deperate because despite massive efforts he has failed. We have been patient in pursuing this villain and will proceed in the appropriate legal forum.

Our company has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau with no complaints. In addition there are no complainst with any state insurance department. We want our clients to be happy. Our relationships with our clients are interactive and if this person or any of these fake commenters were real clients they'd pick up the phone and call us. We don't place any credence in anonymous postings, why should you?
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John Darer 4Structures Blog Lies & Deceipt

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It's ironic that Pissed Consumer says that Personal Attacks will be deleted when this very post is a baseless personal attack. The woman is not from Los Angeles and her husband is believed to be the target of two lawsuits over questionnable business practices. I know who she is despite the pseudonym and she may be facing a civil complaint herself. As verified tonight, her husband has no association with the subject person from TN as was represented
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And wasn't that David Springer, the Mount Airy MD man you seem to allude to, found liable by a Maryland Federal Judge for his questionable business activity in one of those lawsuits.