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Apple solutions to wifi problem? The world needs to buy new routers!

Iphone 5 32gig memory I have not been able to access certain wireless routers wifi connections even when typing in the proper passwords. If you receive the error unable to connect. You have probably tried a number of problem resolutions to switching the Proxy to auto and trying to shut off your cell us and enabling wifi then. Maybe you connect and see the wifi signal stagger from full bars to 2 bars as the pin wheel keeps going and going next to your wifi bar. Try and get to a site and you're left waiting and waiting. I called Apple Customer support and spoke with a Tim: Who stated the following. They are aware of the problems with Wifi. They have updated the wifi for their IOS6 devices. however, the transmitter on the new Iphone is different than the ones in the Iphone 4, and 4S. The new one is having difficulty connecting with older wireless devices whose firm ware is out of date or no longer supported. Since the Iphone passes all F.C.C requirements and meets all standards it is not the job of apple to chase after manufacturers for incompatible devices. The advise was to get anyone with the outdated firmware or router to update the firmware or buy a new router. They were also aware of issues with Verizon and Comcast routers which have protocols that restrict the Iphone 5 from connecting and is the job to personally go in and fix the issues. The information can be found on the respective companies web page forums. So apple has released a phone that may or may not work with routers by standards they have deemed to be outdated. More or less this is them saying. We are technologically superior and come out with superior technologies. Anyone who does not choose to keep up with our standards is at a loss and they will not compromise. So it is up to everyone to stay on top of firmware updates and updating outdated hardware. As someone who just spent a pretty penny replacing his old phone with the upgrade price to a phone that now charges me for data as I have lost my unlimited data through Verizon by upgrading. Tim was unapologetic when blaming other companies for not being able to keep up with apple. As far as I am concerned here, it is the job of apple to make sure that their phones can communicate with at least relevant technology. I am not asking a dial up be turned in a wireless high speed connection. The internet security protocols haven't changed so much a transmitter cant be adapted to function with them. If there is an issue with these devices it is up to both companies to work out a fix. If people can't connect they will go elsewhere as I am doing. I will be returning my apple iphone 5 tomorrow to attempt another shot at dealing with droid and their overheat issues... Or back track to an Iphone 4s.... So aggravated by the lack of customer care or resolving a major issue with the phones coming out. Apple won't fix their wifi transmitters. because its not their fault their phone doesn't work with older routers... The Iphone 5 was returned as of 1/21/13, if this is how apple wants to operate they will no longer have my buisness. They want everyone to upgrade router because their phone can't connect!
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So basically what you're saying is that you are mad because Apple continues to push industry standards. And because your old a/b router lasted longer than it should have.

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Commerce Insurance - Not at fault but found anyways

Update by user Jan 09, 2013

I did pay the 50 dollars, which is why I am saying thy still found me at fault.

As for the problem, the mechanic I took it too said the insurance companies belief in a mechanical ABS systems can sometimes be unfounded. It is a Mechanism that is prone to fail sometimes no matter how reliable. The insurance companies and dealers seem to dismiss the fact that they can fail at all. Despite online petitions and forums siting issues. I am not saying its a conspiracy. I just think blaming the driver is easier than blaming mechanical failure.

So here was the deal. My truck when I would press on the brakes would work fine. But the ABS system would kick in for sometimes no reason at all. At one point I hit a bump going down a hill I hit the brakes and I literally just went right through the intersection. I was alarmed but the system check out when I got it checked.

This happened on other occasions, but at times I would have to pump the brakes due to sluggish pedals. I took it the mechanic again and he said it was an old truck and these things happen we bleed the brakes and it seemed fine. During wet weather the ABS system would become very over active. Some normal stops would activate the ABS system. On the day of the accident, it was no different than the stop sign on the hill incident. I hit my brakes the ABS kicked in and it did not slow the vehicle. This is where I want to emphasis a problem. Maybe it wasn't the ABS system directly but when I touch the brakes. The typical braking action on flowing down by not locking the wheels did not take place. It is as if I never touched the pedals. I rear ended this guy at the speed I was going before I hit the brakes. Again I pressed the brakes. ABS system kicks in, Vibrating pedals. The vehicle did not slow down at all. It should have at least slowed down.

No one believes me so why bother.

I already appealed, I replaced the truck and I have to live with it despite taking proper action. But as most people seem to be voting. Its BS. until it happens to them.

Original review posted by user May 13, 2012
A little over a year ago in 2011 I was in a motor vehicle accident. I rear ended somebody. Now reading this and being from Massachusetts I know what you all just said. I am at fault right? I used to think so too. Until I rear ended somebody and knew what the law said, but also knew I was not at fault. The vehicle and I were traveling back on Rte 16 from Holliston to Milford. A School Bus started to stop. I went to down shift (Manual Transmission) and started to apply my brakes. I was about a telephone pole away to a telephone pole and a half traveling about 25 miles per hour. (Slow in this area) Speed limit is I think 30-35 mph. The guy in front of me stops short well over 600 feet by slamming on his brakes. (Must have been texting.) I hit my brakes and due to wet weather my ABS kicks in. It was like I never touched the brakes. I travelled so many feet and didn't slow down. I was standing on the brakes when I rear ended this person. Keep in mind I was a telephone pole or more and traveling slower than the posted speed limit due to the wet weather. I call the police and one cruiser shows up. I try to tell the police officer he slammed on brakes as if startled for no reason and that we stopped short. Cop looked at me and said doesn't matter. Didn't bother asking the other driver to see his phone or if he recieved any texts. In the Police officers report. With out ever asking me my distance said I was traveling too closely. I have been a safe driver for 12 years. Been in a few accdident where I was not ever at fault and it was the other driver. I don't get tickets. I don't speed and I obey the law. Commerce decided to follow the Massachusetts laws with out taking into account of extenuating circumstances. I was so shooken up by this even I took my truck 98 Frontier to get brakes checked. They checked out fine, but the dealer stated as they age it is possible they check out fine, but fails to monitor wheel speed accurately. I bought a new truck same day. Never did I want this to happen again. Despite my corrective measures, Wet weather and Mechanical failure. Commerce found me 100% at fault because of a police officers assumption and complacency with his job, to assume the guy in the rear is always at fault. I will no longer be there customer. Further more a year before the accident I wanted to switch insurers to get accident forgiveness. (Statistic said the longer you go with out the more likely you are of having an accident. So I asked my insurer at Commerce and they said they didn't offer it, but not too worry because you can appeal and they are always reasonable. Today I found that to be a lie. Or more or less they are calling me a liar. So I will no longer being doing business with them and find a company after my surcharge is up and get the forgiveness at a premium. Because now to appeal this decision its 20 dollars for appeal and 275 dollar and up in court fees. Worst Insurance company ever. There was a rep sitting right there at my appeal. I am ex Military. I have honor, Integrity and will not be called a liar.
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You rear ended another car... It's the law that you have to be in control of your vehicle at all times.

You are more than 50% at-fault (look up SDIP in MA and the standards of fault). Who else do you think is at-fault the guy who stopped short? Is it against the law to stop short? Unless if you believe that he was committing fraud...

Which is a tough road to go down. You can appeal to the appeal board but understand that this isnt the insurance company's fault as they follow what is in the RMV database which is through the state mandated guidelines and the law.

If you could not stop due to black ice then appeal it and you can win. Bring with you any pictures, a print-out of the weather report from that day, etc.


I don't think its BS at all, anything can fail. Although, sometimes its very hard to prove that something failed when everyone and their brother is attempting to make the same argument to avoid a surcharge they are truly liable for.

It's very hard to successfully appeal a rear-end surcharge. I have seen very few, however the Commonwealth has seemed to be more willing to rescind if its weather related. From your original post I didn't think you already had the hearing, that's why I attempted to give you a bit of advice. Too bad you lost your appeal.

I agree its not worth it to take it any further. Unfortunately, you would be in the same situation with pretty much any insurance carrier, with the possible exception of having a policy with accident forgiveness. But even with accident forgiveness the accident is still on your record, the carrier just agrees not to calculate it in your premium. Therefore, if you were to leave that carrier and move to another carrier they may not agree to not calculate for that loss and you'd end up paying.

Just something to remember for the future. Also, you said that this thing happened before with the brakes, did you mention this to the insurance company? Did you have documentation from the mechanic that you brought the vehicle there for issues with the ABS??

I guess it is all water over the dam since you've already lost the appeal, however if you're in an accident again and you're unlucky enough to again have another mechanical failure make sure you provide all documentation to support your argument. There are mechanical failures that cause accidents and if this can be demonstrated there should be no liability on the operator of the vehicle.


Joel - Your appeal is with the Merit Rating Board, not Commerce Insurance. It will cost $50.00 for an appeal and it sounds very much worth it in your case. $50.00 is the only cost, THERE ARE NO COURT FEES. I hope you did decide to appeal, as you have 30 days from the issuance of the surcharge notice. As you state, most often the car that rear ends is the at fault party, however there are extenuating circumstances. You have two avenues to pursue, first the fact that the other driver stepped on the brakes suddenly. It would be helpful if you had a witness, but your recollection of the distance between you and the other vehicle suggests that you were maintaining control of your vehicle. Second, the fact that the road surface was wet that day. I would suggest bringing a copy of a weather report, which you can find online, to support your argument.

Also, there will NOT be a Commerce Insurance representative at your hearing, this is between you and the Merit Rating Board. Your argument needs to focus on why you are less than 50% liable for the loss as described in 211 CMR 74.00. You suggest a mechanical defect, however you don't elaborate. A true mechanical defect that was the cause of a loss would absolve you from any liability. However the ABS kicking in and you not being used to it is NOT a mechanical defect.

Lastly, Police Officers do NOT determine liability for any accident, the insurance carrier does, however all pieces of evidence are weighed, including the Police Report. Of course Police Officers investigating a vehicular homicide or the like would determine fault for the purposes of criminally charging you, but the insurance carrier would come to its own determination. If the Police report is not beneficial to you, which it sounds like it is not, then you simply argue that the Police Report is nothing more than hearsay. Remember if the Police Officer did NOT witness the accident, then his "account" of said accident is nothing more than hearsay. Given the long wait times for appeals you may not have had your appeal hearing yet, hopefully this information helps.


Yes there is an insurance rep there..they act all friendly. Almost like they are running the your name on a list..and don,t really idrnify them selves...i wonder how cozy they are with the court.

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