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Target threatening collection payments over an old RedCard debt

A week ago, I received an harassing collection call from Maureen Howey of Creditors Interchange for payment over an Target Red Card Debt. Today, I received another letter from Maureen Howey demanding payment over $581.27 and if I don't pay up within 30 days they are going to pursue legal action. The problem is, I am literally broke and haven't had a job since I graduated from College in 2008. Target is notorious for hiring lawyers and suing people over unpaid Red Card debts but in my case they can not squeeze blood out of a stone. I have received advice to write a Debt Validation letter regarding this matter. Any advice from folks at pissedconsumer would be helpful regarding this matter.
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Maybe you should ask for a job.

$581 is a pretty paltry amount.

If you took a burger joint job, that $581 could be paid with the first couple pay checks

Complaining that you are asked to be an adult and pay your debts is very childish. Man up, find a job, no excuse for a college educated man to be out of work for 4 years unless they are too "good" to take a minimum wage job and take care of themselves.

@Taesha Exm

Um, there are no burger joint jobs you dumb ***. And I'm not paying this bill because I don't want to.

To help your fellow man during this Economic Depression why don't you go ahead and pay off my debts for me? Go ahead and send me a check to the sum of $581.00 to pay off my credit card bill since you have a job and I don't.

Be a real Man, bro, and stop ranting on pissed consumer against people who are jobless during this Economic Depression and send me a check for $581.00 to pay off my Redcard bill. It's the only fair thing to do.


Hancock, trying paying your debts. It's not ok for them to call you and demand payment but it's ok for you to borrow money from TARGET and not pay it back?

If they didn't seek action everyone would do what you did and get away with it.

Sessa's right, grow up. I'll tell you what, loan me $581, I'll pay you back when I get a better paying job ...


I can't pay my debts because there are no jobs in the Sacramento area. bro.

Since I have no job and you have one and you feel the need to chastise me for no reason, why don't you pay my debts off for me?

Be a real man, bro, and send me a paycheck to the tune of $581 to pay off these predatory loan sharks. It's the least you can do to help those in need.


LMFAO!!! FYI, darling, I HAVE a Target red card.

No worries, I take it all back. After reading your comments I'm prety sure I know why you can't find a job. Your charming personality.

Now, off to the bars to find my nightly ***! Tootles!

@Sara L Xph

You have a Target Red Card because you're a Target employee! You work for Target!

Anyone who goes on pissedconsumer and complains about Target is hit with a barrage of verbally abusive insults from Target employees pretending to be pissed customers and that includes you, sessa. Tell you what, since you have a job and I don't have one, go ahead and send me a check to the tune of $581.00 and we'll call it even, okay?

@Hancock N

Maybe if you improve your attitude you would have a job and would be able to pay your bills, this unfortunately means growing up and acting your age. You be a real man and get a job.

No one is required to send you money just because they have a job. With your attitude I doubt you will ever get a job.

Also here you go around ASSuming again that a person works for Target for telling you the truth. I don't think the issue is that there are no jobs, the issue is no one wants to hire someone with an attitude problem.

No one is harassing you. You simply don't know how to budget.

Why spend so much if you are jobless. You are not being harassed and they legally can ask for the money back which YOU OWE THEM.



Don't call me "sweetie." I'm not one of numerous men whom you pick up at the bar in Raleigh, North Carolina. It is harassment where I live because there's an old saying of you can't get blood out of a stone and making phone calls to my house is indeed a form of harassment.

Have you read about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act?

No? Well, perhaps you should read up on it before you post condescending, obnoxious comments on pissed consumer, sweetie.


Hey Sessa,

You grow the *** you dumb b****! I have applied for literally hundreds of jobs in this area, all empty and to no avail.

You are just as *** and illiterate of a uneducated hick as Joan is and have NO f----ing what you're talking about. First of all, if you've have shopped at Target (you haven't obviously by your ignorant post) cashiers are notorious for using high pressure tactics to get people to sign up for the Target Red Card.

Also, government agencies are going through cutbacks and furloughs--hence, laying off workers or workers who are on the job are taking a pay cut. Next time, get your facts straight before you post a vile an illiterate post, you ***, obnoxious, c-----!


Hi Joan! I wrote a very similiar post, but it's not showing up.

In fact my exact words were "Honey, it's time to grow the ***

Sweetie, you incurred a debt and now you're upset they want you to pay it? That's not harassment.

Haven't had a job in 4 yrs because there are no jobs? *** There ARE jobs, just obviously not ones YOU want to do.

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Beware of working for Fund for the Public Interest

Fund for the Public Interest, Public Interest Research Group, Grassroots Campaign Initiative, they go by several names and often times advertise on websites like craigslist under the non-profit jobs section. By and large, they promise unemployed and young college students "jobs for good causes" but what they do not tell people is the 70-80 work weeks, high turnover amongst staff, 7 day work weeks, missed paychecks, bounced paychecks, misleading advertising, and engaging in union busting amongst their staff. These groups have been a major problem and pain in the butt where I live in Sacramento and I would like craigslist to take down their ads. They hire people to do "canvassing" and that is going door to door asking people for money. Sometimes Grassroots pays their workers, sometimes they don't. Major problems with workers trying to take their paychecks to the bank and the checks would bounce. The average work length of an average worker who lasts with The Fund ranges anywhere from one to three days. There hasn't been anything good said about these organizations. If anyone has had any experiences with them please share.
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I work for the fund @ environment new york. It's been exactly 2 weeks and at least 3 people get fired or quit each day.

The director at the office (Jasper) (he's the worst) seems to fire black men and uglier women first, the office is mostly pretty white people. If he doesn't like people he sends them to the worst locations until they miss quota.

We only get 400 a week in pay, we hardly get reimbursed for travel (sometimes we have to pay upwards of 30 dollars to go to Westchester multiple times a week), and on my first day, people who weren't conventionally attractive or didnt know someone here was sent home. If I'm not fired today, I'm quitting.


I got hired out of college to be a "director." Over the sumer I moved to the location of the office, and got an apartment. Even though I knew the pay was terrible (I was salaried at minimum wage), I was excited to be working for a non-profit and felt that working for minimum wage was a way in which I was contributing to the causes.

For my first two weeks I was required to work 80 hours/week (9AM-midnight M-F, 9-noon on weekends).

Even though I was enthusiastic and willing to work overtime, I found the 80 hour work weeks unsustainable -- I literally did not have enough time to eat and sleep, let alone exercise or do anything else.

Feeling like a total failure, I met with my supervisor and apologetically told her that unfortunately I didn't feel I could work more than 70 hours/week. Her response: "That's not an option."

I should also mention that I was one of the top fundraisers for the two weeks that I worked there.


At my location the hours (for a canvasser) are just 40 per week but paychecks are being missed and we are being regularly sent out in sub zero weather. Turnover is insane because of the unreasonable quota.


This has changed, I have worked there since May, and have people here who have worked for over three years. They just put in a max hours per week at 24. I haven't had any problems with checks at all.


They are the worst place to work for I can't believe it's even legal in America! I got fired the first day after raising one hudred dollars and now after going on the internet i found out that this is a regular thing!

They suck! Anything I can do to be a part of protestring them imin!

Email at queen43.dn@***.com thanks! Deb!


I worked for them for a day. They gave me an impossible quota to make on my first day.I made them money but was under quota and they fired me my first day. They refused to pay me for those 8 hours I worked *** them.


This was basically what happened to me at the NYC office also. I know this is for CA, but I want everyone to be aware.

The Fund was/is hiring, and they sound like drones. The "wrap" has be memorized, word for word. No exceptions. That's it.

You either know it or you don't. Deviate a single bit and they let you go.

The directors are highly dismissive to say the least, and filing complaints to anyone higher up in the organization gets you no where. I'd say avoid them. If anything, find a cause and research other ways to work with it, because canvassing isn't the way to go.

The fact that a well-known org like HRC paired up with them is unfortunate.

I'm sure people will argue that my experience was my fault or something. Fine, I don't argue some of it was me.

But if you're going to treat EVERY SINGLE prospective hire like this, they're going to burn through potential candidates. Not just the ones in it for the cash, but the ones who really, truly want to make a difference and help "further the cause."


Well they posted at my school under, the contact was a Sandy @ 415-362-**** and the number just rings?


Thank you all for these postings. I got the job to work as an director, really they told me I could work almost anywhere, but because of the pay and the long hours I decided to do some research and I am glad I did.

I decided not to take the job because of my own experience and unreasonable labor. I already do canvassing and it is wrong of them not to give their employees overtime and fire them so quickly. If this is truly a social and environmental progressive grassroots organization they need to realize what the term labor laws mean.

It is unethical and unreasonable to overwork recent college students. If they truly believe in what they are preaching then they shouldn't try and burn out the upcoming generations of truly passionate individuals who want to make a difference!


I got a job as a director but turned it down because the commute would have been literally impossible. They wanted me to work in Philadelphia from 11:00 am to 10:30 pm.

If I didn't make the canvassing quota within three days I would be fired, so there was no way I was putting a deposit on an apartment. I had relatives I could stay with, but the last train leaves Philadelphia at 10:45, and I had no way of knowing that I would be able to get from wherever I was canvassing to the station by that time. I emailed them a week ago to tell them I wasn't able to take the job, and they still haven't responded.

I wouldn't suggest anyone take this job unless they were really desperate. The hours are insane, and mostly outside, I imagine you get yelled at alot, and even if you don't get fired the pay is actually less than minimum wage.

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Sallie Mae is harrassing me!

I am constantly getting annoying automated calls from them regarding my student loans. When I try to call them back, they don't have a live person on the phone to help with getting a deferment. When I tried leaving a message on the answering machine of the Customer Service advocate, Joy Caporaletti, the phone just rings and rings and rings. For a multimillion dollar corporation doesn't Sallie Mae have any actual people working the phones? Out of all the student loan companies I have had the displeasure of dealing with, Sallie Mae is the worst when it comes to meeting students needs.
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with sallie mae. Called me everyday like clockwork.

Was finally told that people overseas were not accessing second screen. I think most of them didn't even know there was a second screen. Also, I am hearing impaired and can't make out people with accents. I was told by an American to ask for another person.

Most of the time the overseas worker would not transfer, but only hang up. After two months received answer from an American what the deal was with my loan. Not even a supervisor could tell me what was going on. I just now stay in school because I can't pay off balance overdue and pay on loan at the same time.

Sallie mae is one messed up company with the blessings of our government.

Contact your congressmen about the student loan situation! They may listen if enough people start bothering them. Too bad most of them have their hand in the pot passed by the lobbyists.

However, that is a rant for another time! :(

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Sallie Mae Loan