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Verizon Wireless - VZW Makes Me Want to Committ Suicide

Dear sweet, 8lb, golden diaper wearing, sweet little baby Jesus, give me the strength to not off myself thanks to the ridiculousness set upon me by the Verizon corporation. In March 2012 I received my HP Pavilion Netbook from Verizon. From the moment the machine arrived, there were issues. I immediately had difficulty with my Internet – I would periodically be booted from the connection, and there was no patter to identify the cause (time and place were not variables). Over the course of the next 6 weeks, I spent over 40 hours on the phone with Verizon trying to resolve this issue. I actually had 2 different con calls between myself, Verizon and HP to get to the bottom of all of this. When it was all said and done, I was FINALLY able to convince Verizon that I needed a new machine (shocker). This however, was not the headache, believe it or not. Since I had spent so much quality time on the phone w/ Verizon, they finally agreed to an $80 credit for my troubles. I even received an Email from accountnotifications@***.com, confirming my credit. Imagine my confusion, when a month a later, this credit did not appear on my billing statement. I contacted Verizon, and that is where it begins. I was told by the rep on the phone that there was no record of a credit having been issued. I offered to forward her the Email, but was told that I would need to PRINT AND FAX a copy of the credit confirmation to her. Interesting that I have to supply her with proof of my credit. I explained that I was in the hospital, and had been for several weeks, with my sick brother, and that access to a printer and fax machine was not possible. She told me that she could not issue the credit without "proof". As I tried to make sense of this, and point out to her the absolute malarkey she was throwing at me – she became angered and defensive. I said, "I just don't understand what happened to customer service. It's like you don't care that you make people want to poke their own eyes out". We went back and forth for a while, with her, "understanding" my situation. Really? What part of I don't have access to fax was unclear? Finally I said, "I hope if you have an issue with someone while you are also dealing with a sick family member, that someone offers you the same care and compassion you have shown me." She then accused me of threatening to harm her family and that she could file charges since this call was recorded. I simply replied, "If the calls are recorded, why not look up my tape from April 16th and listen for when the rep issues my credit" – she then hung up on me.
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