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Cigna Global - Avoid Cigna Insurance Company If Your Life Depends Upon It (Literally)

My only granddaughter died after a long struggle with leukemia a few weeks ago. Cigna Insurance Company unfortunately, tried to find numerous methods of not covering some of the services which she'd needed. One of these had included a necessary blood transfusion. While it is true that my granddaughter’s health had been in rapid decline throughout the past year, all the consistent denials from Cigna Insurance Company certainly didn’t help matters. This insurance company did eventually cover some procedures as summarized in my granddaughter’s plan for blood transfusion care. However, a lot of the delay and deny tactics which Cigna Insurance Company had so callously used probably cost my granddaughter precious time which would’ve been needed to possibly allow for her to make a full recovery. I’m not blaming Cigna Insurance Company directly for my granddaughter’s death, but I am blaming them for using what I honestly felt were dishonest stall tactics to ultimately avoid covering some of the procedures which she had needed several months earlier. Their entire appeals process was extremely cold-hearted, dragging on for several months when it shouldn’t have. It was quite sickening to know that doctors and medical directors representing Cigna who weren’t even directly involved in my granddaughter’s care were ultimately making what I felt almost amounted to certain life and death decisions. My family and I will never know for sure whether Cigna’s delay tactics were ultimately responsible for hastening my granddaughter’s death. Maybe they were, but then again maybe my granddaughter was just too ill all along to recover. She did have underlying medical complications, yet these could have possibly been alleviated using a more empathetic and caring approach by Cigna which I don’t feel like they ever used. My granddaughter to Cigna, seemed to be nothing more than just a ‘number’ who the company didn’t seem to want to provide care or coverage for. I firmly believe this was because Cigna viewed some of the expensive care procedures which my granddaughter would have needed as being too costly, amounting to nothing more than a profit loss of premiums collected versus claims paid on their corporation’s balance sheets. That is certainly how it seemed to be. It is such a shame that an insurer as large as Cigna Insurance Company would choose to act this way, with such utter disregard for human life. Obviously, I can’t make the decision for those reading this review as to whether they will or should decide on their own to use Cigna Insurance Company for their healthcare needs. (My family of course, never will again.) Yet my bigger goal of sharing this for public view is to allow for my granddaughter’s story to serve as a cautionary tale, so others can make their own well-informed decisions regarding their family’s healthcare needs. This insurer here, Cigna Insurance Company in my view, doesn’t seem to be very ethical. The health and well-being of their members appears secondary to the company’s profit versus loss strategic goals of limiting and minimizing payment or coverage on valid, possibly life-enhancing claims. There’s much more which I could write here, but honestly I don’t think it would make a difference in how Cigna Insurance Company ultimately chooses to conduct its business. Maybe a company representative or spokesperson might choose to post a standard company response below, denying virtually everything that I had alluded to above. However, Cigna Insurance Company knows very well, in their hearts, that their delay and denial tactics certainly did not do anything to help my granddaughter’s chances of survival, even if they were not directly responsible for her death. Thank you everyone, for taking the time to read and share my story. Please always value life in the moment and stay blessed.
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