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Aafes Exchange - Ghetto company

On Jan 19 2019, I placed an order online for an item that was on sale, mind you that this item although on sale was not cheap, it was $1,203.00. 4 days, almost 5 days later I receive an email from AFFES stating that my order has been canceled. I call the online customer service and I asked why my order has been canceled and they tell me that the company made a mistake and priced the item incorrectly so I asked why it took almost 5 days later to notified me that this order has been canceled. Without explaining to me why it took almost 5 days to notify me, they had the nerve to revert straight to their terms and conditions and told me that it states on there that they can cancel items if they choose to. Keep in mind that on the day I ordered this item the funds were already subtracted from my total bank account balance, so for the next 4 almost 5 days I was out $1,203.00. It was very inconvenient, I was being more conservative on my spending within those 4 days. I ask to speak to a manager and I explain to her what happened and she also reverts to the terms and conditions, what a bunch of NAZI’s, such unprofessional tactics. I told them to compensate me for all the trouble and inconvenience and they offer me a 5% off my next order lol, what a bunch of cheap *** a multi billion dollar company that leeches off soldiers serving in the military, 5%? Really?!? I have been a loyal customer with AFFES and a MILSTAR card holder for over a decade and this is the treatment I get for mistakes that the company made. I told the manager that I don’t even want their 5% and then she said “okay byyye” and hung up. Manager for customer service? Wow!! Unbelievable. I will never shop with AFFES again. I will not support a company that treats customers and soldiers this way. Seems they are so one sided, it’s their way or the highway. 5%??? I still can’t get over that. LMAO!! Needless to say I will be closing my account with these NAZI’s. They over price their items anyways even without the taxes it’s still a rip off. Also their website is so Ghetto, a multi billion dollar company can’t even manage to set up a proper website. Just lost a over a decade loyal customer.
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Superjeweler - Thanks to the reviews and for this website

My wife's birthday along with Mothers Day is approaching so I decided to get her some jewelry, after searching online for various jewelers I stumbled onto Super Jewelers, they had a huge selection of things to choose and the prices were affordable but something about the website didn't sit well with me. The best best way to describe this website is kind of like the feeling of walking into a shady used car dealership, so I did my research and came across Pissed and thank heavens because I was one click away from placing an order I would much rather fork out a few more dollars to purchase a gift from a different more reliable merchant than to go through this nightmare like all these folks here.
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You didn't even buy anything. How can you leave a review like this.

SuperJeweler was totally nice to me and I got a great product at a great price.

You should be ashamed of yourself.


So....your review is on the reviews themselves then??? Seems odd to give a negative review for something you didn't actually try.

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