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Honda of Cleveland Heights - Overpriced Piece of Junk With Bogus Carfax!!!

I had previously purchased two pre-certified vehicles at Honda which I am absolutely satisfied with. So my decision to purchase a 3rd vehicle was based on my buying experience at Honda Motorcars. In March 2011, I purchased a 1998 "As Is" Honda Accord w/ 83K miles for my 19 yr. old daughter - paid $6600.00 cash. I understand the nature of buying a vehicle "As Is" w/o warranty, but this was after all a "Honda" with what was still considered to have low mileage based on the age of the vehicle. But the series of mishaps with this particular car lead me to immediately question the integrity of the dealership & to what extent Motorcars must have gone, in order to hide the numerous mechanical defects within this car. Less than 2 months after purchase, May 2011 the check engine light came on and the car would periodically stall/shut off – although it would restart almost immediately. I returned the vehicle to Motorcars for further evaluation, the Diagnostic Tests revealed: catalytic converter efficiency failure, turn signal stalk loose, high beams not working, turn signal switch broken, rear tail light assemblies needed to be replaced due to condensation build up in interior lamp, rear stabilizer links & bushings worn. I was not happy and made my concerns known to the General Manager of Honda who offered a 20% discount off the repair bill which still left me w/ a hefty invoice of $639.00 - again, for a car that I had taken ownership of less than 60 days prior. This vehicle clearly did not pass the inspection smell test which Honda prides itself for! Within 6 mos., Nov. 2011 there were more problems. I headed back to Motorcars ~ Diagnostic Test revealed: front sway bar bushings noisy, passenger side front lower ball joint had excessive movement in socket - replacement needed, rear brakes 90% worn - replacement needed, center motor mount & passenger side mount are weak, hot water valve broken. The estimate came back at another $639.00 - $463.00 would be for labor only. I authorized repair of the safety concerns; such as brake & ball joint. This time I was livid as this was beyond excessive! I am close to $1500.00 in repairs with additional repair needed! This car is literally a "Piece of Junk!!!" The odometer is still under 100K. Yesterday, I learned from my insurance company that my daughters 1998 Honda Accord had been involved in an accident in 2009 which is not listed on the Carfax which I obtained from Honda Motorcars at the time of purchase. In light of this, I am now left to wonder if the Odometer reading is factual. This would certainly explain the never ending lists of problems and defects. This vehicle will soon be going to the boneyard with all its repairs and mysteries included. I will not risk my daughter's safety for a junk vehicle sold by whom I believed to be a reputable dealer. How many of your daughters are driving around in an accident waiting to happen??? ***Also, I posted this complaint to the dealer customer review website on May 1, 2012 and verified its entry twice. When I checked the siteon the following day, it had been removed which is why I posted it to an outside site.
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