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The Veterinary Referral Center of East Dallas is a ripp off

Update by user May 14, 2012

The business did a complete refund of the money, my dog recovered fine so all is OK now.

Original review posted by user May 02, 2012
I took my dog, Charlemagne to the Veterinary Referral Center of East Dallas & Lake Ray Hubbard Emergency Pet Care Center in Mesquite after suffering multiple dog bites Saturday afternoon.My wife called them on the phone and they said was a first came first served clinic, they will not make appointments!Most lesions were light, but the one on the neck was bleeding and one on the head was an open gash inch open in the scalp. I could bandage them myself, but I decided a vet will have better conditions and my dog will suffer less. My dog was bloodied but responsive, walked by herself, responded to commands. Arriving at the center, wow! They came and basically "dognapped" my animal: put her on a cart, covered her with a blanket and run in the back! An assistant came and my wife filled up the forms, 10 min later we filled up more forms allowing them to sedate her, 15 more minutes the doctor Amanda Randle, DVM came and offer to treat Charlemagne for ~$750I found the charges a little high so she came back with another proposal to stitch her open wound for $422.38 at minimum, amount they charge on my wife's Credit Card. The expected time will be an hour or so. That was around six PM At 9 PM I went to ask the receptionist what the issue was and told her it is really late and we have a farm to run. An assistant came and informed us they expect to start treating her in just half hour. When I asked for my dog, they put us inside a small room and brought the assistant to explain what happens, they have to take care of more important cases. I asked her to leave and bring my dog!The doctor came and said the same, so I repeat the request! Only when I threatened to call the Police they brought my frightened dog, in pain, with open gash on her head I could see her skull! That was at 9:30 PM!I had to drive her home, another hour drive and tend to the injuries without anesthetic! I asked in a complaint to BBB to have the matter reviewed and the doctor disciplined, plus a complete refundThey by Dr Dennett, Chef of staff answered We attempted to contact the owner directly in attempt to resolve the matter but the client refused our phone calls. We did manage to contact via email...see the clients' email with our response below. We refunded all charges except the emergency fee and pain medications that were administered by injection.Client email:Dr. DennettI got your letter and the message yesterday,.As I consider eventual legal action, if the situation is not resolved to my satisfaction, I prefer having all conversations with your facility documented.I completely disagree with your version of the ''facts''The personnel at the facility lied to me, kidnapped my dog, kept me for having contact with her for more 4 hours until I pulled out my cell to call the police to get my dog back, putting pressure on us to agree to some outrageous charges, charging us '' in advance '' for some services they never performed, and wasted my time.If all you are calling me is for me to better understand ''How we do things here'', sorry but I don't really care!I came there expecting my baby to be treated, and she was not.I wasted 5 hours of my life, you cannot give me back.Next day I got a message offering to reduce the charges in half for no service received, if I drag myself to your facility (2 hours driving)It is when I decided to fight the situation, no matter what.It is anything else you want to discuss?I am sorry, but any time I remember how we were treated my blood boils.We run a farm and we use veterinarians regularly but I was never in my life treated so badly, and I will do whatever I can to prevent anybody from having the same experience.And I will be nice and say in advance, anything will be used in making the legal case against you.My response:I apologize for any inconvenience that the situation may have caused you. We are a reputable, locally owned, small business and understand the importance of satisfied clients that visit our hospital. We have provided emergency and critical care for the East Dallas area for 15 years and have developed a trusted reputation in the veterinary community. We continuously work to improve our efficiency and speed in providing emergency and critical care to the arrival of multiple emergency patients and ask for patience and understanding during times of delay. Our staff is highly trained in triage, providing life saving care to critically injured pets on a daily basis. We cannot take appointments and critical patients will be seen first. Once admitted into the hospital, it is likely that your pet will be moved into the ICU-treatment area so we can observe for any complications from illness/trauma or adverse reactions from administered medications (such as pain meds). Procedures that require general anesthesia can be very time consuming due to the intense monitoring required before, during and after the procedure is performed. We understand the level of stress when coming to the ER and will attempt to keep clients informed and updated at all times with regards to the treatment progress of their family pet. Travis Dennett DVMChief of Staff My answer by email to them: Dr. Dennett, After the awful experience of dealing with Amanda Randle and her support staff, and all the lies, high pressure sales techniques (worst then anybody I ever experienced), excuses and aggravations, I took my dog which has already had infection on her ear and head to a real Veterinarian; He was really busy, so we discuss it: Can you fix it?Will take few hours, I have to do general anesthesia, and clean all this infection (thanks of the 3 days waiting and Amanda Randle wonderful care), put some drain tubes...So it took 3 ½ hours, from the time we walked into the office, with everything, no fancy talk, no proposals or advance payments for the pie in the sky to came... I was there when they took her in for the procedure, I was there when she woke up. How about your "Vet" paying the few extra bucks the Vet charged to clean the infection?By the way what ICU? "Once admitted into the hospital, it is likely that your pet will be moved into the ICU-treatment area so we can observe for any complications from illness/trauma or adverse reactions from administered medications (such as pain meds). " The crate in the kennel? My dog did not have "life threatening injuries", she came on her 4 legs, well behaved, responding to commands, not bleeding, and yes was some dried blood. She just needed some stitches, which you "Emergency Hospital" denied herEven when I had a friend having a hearth procedure I was there as soon the doctor finished with the procedure, and also with all the pets or farm animals I had. At your facility, no communication at all.If you go to the emergency clinic, you expect something to be done: They did nothing to the dog, and they want to charge a "emergency fee?"The answer is a poor marketing scheme by a snake oil salesman!
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Horrible clinic. All about money and not the pets.


Sounds like the client has no idea what TRIAGE is. You said yourself that your dog was walking on all 4 limbs.

So what should the hospital have done? Ignored critical care patients to tend to your dog's wounds so you could be out in a timely manner? I understand they gave you a time estimate of 1 hour, but things change so fast in an Emergency Room that time estimates can quickly change. You sound really unsympathetic to the other patients that were there that were in more critical condition than your dog.

What do you think they did for the hours you were there? Sat in the back eating lunch? Playing scrabble? I'm sorry they "wasted five hours of your time that you will never get back." Have you ever been to the ER (for people)?

Unless you were dying right then and there, chances are you had to wait HOURS. I've been a few times, and every time I have been there no less than 4 hours to be seen. It's called triage. If you don't know what that word means, look it up!

Honestly, you are LUCKY they refunded your money because you sound like an out of control client who throws a fit when you don't get your way.

They were in the right, and just because you couldn't have all your demands met doesn't mean that you can throw a temper tantrum like a little child. There are other people and pets in this world, and most likely they were in worse condition that your dog and needed to be tended to first!


The business did the right thing and provided a full refund, after discussing the situation with their staff.

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