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Piedra Leasing/Stone Community Park

I would STRONGLY suggest that anyone looking for a place to rent in the Copperas Cove,TX and/or Kempner, TX area do NOT rent from there people!! Not sure if the owner (Scot Stone) is not aware or just doesn't care about things that go on with his rentals trailer houses located on Private Road 4805 because everytime any of his tenants have a problem with any of the other tenants and try to call him because the manager (Nora Rye) just says she "doesn't want to get's between the tenants", he will never return any of the phone calls to even say that he will look into the situations. There have been several instances involving the manager (Nora Rye) and the maintenance man (Don Rye) that have happened and several of the tenants have called Mr. Scot Stone to no avail because messages have been left for him but he refuses to call anyone back. The manager and maintenance man have been embezzling rent money and spending it on their own personal choices such as having the managers nails done, eating out, sending their out of state children rent moneyto pay their rent or to come visit them or putting brand new carpet in their home instead of fixing the houses out there that need immediate attention. One of the tenants has been trying for 3 months to collect her deposit return for the amount of $400.00 on the house she rented from Mrs. Nora Rye to no avail because Nora keeps coming up with sob stories why she can not return the woman's deposit that is rightfully hers. She came up with some elaborate story that she and her husband (Don Rye-Maintenance man) has to make an emergency trip to Arkansas and that they were trapped in their hotel because of tornadoes and that it was so bad that Don had to be rushed to the hospital in Arkansas. Come to find out, they went to Arkansas for Don's son's wedding and there was no tornadoes when they were there and Don never had to go to the hospital. There is a 15 year old boy out there who loves to bully younger kids and pull knives on them and threaten to kill the younger kid and yet again when the manager is told about the situation she simply says "I don't want to get's between tenants" so then the paents of the younger child called the cops on the 15 year old kid and then the other tenants who are friends with the 15 year old and allow him to drink alcohol at their home and are also friends with the boys father in turn start problems with the parents and grandparents of the younger child and get their friends who are in their 30's go over and beat the *** out of the 52 year old grandpa who is a heart patient yelling that they are "going to kill the old man" and yet again Nora "doesn't want to get's between the tenants" even though the 52 year old man had a severe concussion, severely bruised ribs and his lungs were so severely bruised that the doctors thought that he had emphasema, but the only reason she said that was because she is baby sitting the aggressors 3 children. The maintenance man (Don Rye) has a habit of going into the tenants storage facilities and selling the tenants property without permission, then when he is confronted with it, he starts yelling and cursing at the tenant. The 52 year old man who is a heart patient, his ac unit went out when temps were in the 100's and instead of even putting in window units, Nora and Don (who were aware of the ac unit 2 weeks before hand) decided that was the perfect time to leave and go out of state leaving the 52 year old man in the house with no ac in the heat! One of the tenants out there has 2 small children with bad allergies and other health problems and the momma is 2 months pregnant now have black mold all over the walls and refuse to fix it, instead they give the tenants a letter that says they have 10 days to vacate their property. Another one of the tenants who has been living there for almost 5 years and his rent is only supposed to be $575.00 had asked to move into a bigger home and the Manager tells him he "can't afford it" even though the rent on the bigger place would only be $675.00 and he is currently paying $800.00. The manager (Nora Rye) and Maintenance man (Don Rye) also go around telling all of the other tenants who has paid their rent and how much they paid and who hasn't paid rent and how much they are behind. So with all of this said, I would STRONGLY advise anyone looking for a place to rent in the Copperas Cove, TX and/or Kempner,TX area DO NOT rent from these lying,embezzling, all around crroked people who are obviously only for themselves and protecting their friends/tenants who have criminal records!!!!
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