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I just had the most frustrating experience I have ever had with Regal Cinema in Grand Junction, CO. I left California because I wanted the friendliness of a smaller town. An employee of Regal Cinema, Dave Wood, has just made me wonder why I moved to Grand Junction. My wife and I just went to see Wrath of the Titans at the Regal Cinema off 24 Road in Grand Junction, CO. We paid for our tickets, entered the theatre, and found our seats. My wife then went for popcorn but came back and told me that there was an AARP special and I had the card (the AARP gives you some indication of my age). I left the theatre and went out to the concession stand, bought popcorn, a drink, and candy and went back to the theatre with my hands full. The ticket agent (I don't remember if it was Dave Wood or not) asked me if I had a ticket stub. I said no and that my hands were full. I then returned to my seat in the theatre waiting for the movie to start. At this time an employee of Regal entered the theatre and asked me for my ticket stub. My wife and I were so flustered that neither one of us could find it (the theatre is dark and she couldn't find anything in her purse). At this point the employee asked us to provide the stub or leave. I insisted on a refund if we were going to leave. He said that there would be no refund unless we had the ticket stub. If we could find the ticket stub we wouldn't have had this problem in the first place (who keeps a ticket stub once you're in the theatre). At this point my wife was so embarrassed and flustered that she insisted that we just leave. I got up out of my seat and waited at the base of the stairs for my wife. While I was there I turned to the employee and placed the Milk Duds I had been eating in his pocket without touching him (a mistake I know, but I was angry). I then turned around and started to leave when he shoved me in the back. I turned around and told him that if he touched me again he would be sorry. He told me that I was out of control and that I should leave. I had already been in the process of leaving when he shoved me. Once outside I asked my wife if she could find the ticket stub. She attempted to check her purse but was so flustered that all she wanted to do was leave. At this point I asked the employee for his name. He said his name was Dave. I asked for a last name and he said Wood. At this point my wife and I left the theatre. I don't know if Dave Wood is his real name or not, but I plan on sending this exact same letter to Regal Cinema's complaint department (if they have one). Bill Mills Email: mauimills@***.net
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If you would have put the box of milk duds in my pocket I would have slapped the *** out of you. If you want to be treated with respect you have to give respect.

First, you disrespected the ticket taker, and the theater, by thinking you were above following the rules. Most theaters have signs located near the ticket taker station informing guests to retain their stubs. The ticket taker asked you to show your stub, and you basically ignored them by stating that you didn't have it and walked in anyway. An employee then follows you into the theater to check your stub because you ignored the ticket.

The usher CORRECTLY removed you from the theater because you could not provide proof that you paid to be in that theater at that time. So what do you do to an individual who was just doing his job? Your pompous *** decides to shove a box of candy into his pocket. You may not have touched him but that act can certainly be considered an act of aggression.

And how would he have been sorry??

Your geriatric *** would have tried to play the tough guy, caught a beating, and then sue the guy. You are a ***.


It baffles me that people believe that when they go to a movie they feel that the rules do not apply to them. If you were at a concert or sporting event would you make sure you had your ticket stub before leaving your seat?

If you walked out of the building to get some food, would they let you back in without a ticket stub? Why is a movie theater held to a different standard than every other entertainment complex that requires a ticket stub for re-entry? The reason the employee came in after you is likely because when he asked you for it, you didn't provide it; and then instead of putting your popcorn or drink down to search for them in your pocket, you showed a complete lack of respect for the usher by ignoring him and going into the theater anyway. What would have happened to you if you did something like that at Wrigley Field or Madison Square Garden?

The same exact thing, except you probably would not have even made it to your seat.

And putting your candy in his pocket ? Who the *** are you that you don't have to follow the rules and you get to treat people like *** Your lucky that all he did was push you in the back.


I agree on the fact of you need to retain your stub and that the theater had the right to ask you to leave.

They do not have the right to touch you period! He should have had assault charges brought on him


A Ticket Stub is your proof of purchase. I formerly worked as a manager for an REG theater. Believe me, we have people of ALL AGES try to sneak into movies or try to scam us every day.

Would you expect a store to give you a refund without a receipt? No. Would you risk riding a subway without your ticket stub? maybe, but you wouldnt be surprised if you got kicked off if a transit cop asked for it and you couldn't produce it. So, why would you expect anything different from a movie theater?

Corporate policy requires a voided copy of the ticket stub for refunds, which is sent to the corporate office and is looked over. No employee or manager is going to risk a write-up or reprisals because you lost what is effectively your receipt. It's you're fault; put it in your wallet, don't lose it.

Being an usher in a movie theater isn't the most demeaning job on the planet, but it's close. You're pretty much the mule-boy of the entire operation, and after having to clean up after people too lazy to throw out there own trash all day, it's easy to see why he would be set off by your attempt to stick it to him with milk duds. It doesn't really excuse him shoving you, but c'mon; shoving something into his pocket was just immature and ***.

@Dreyson Yen

MrAnonymous now? Why not just go all the way and call yourself SoSad, ThatSearsCuy or LadyScot or don't you want everyone to know you are one of those professional repliers?


There was no reason for the worker to shove you, but in all honesty the policy of Regal is that you need your ticket stub as proof that you are in the correct movie and not theater jumping. It's unfortunate what happened but you are supposed to keep it to avoid these situations.

I work at a Regal and it's standard procedure. He is right that you can't be refunded if you don't have a ticket stub. To be honest though, even if you didn't touch the employee's body, putting the milk duds in his pocket is such a passive aggressive thing to do.

It doesn't excuse his retaliation but you have to remember, he's a person just like you working a job. How would you feel if someone yelled at you for doing your job and proceeded to put candy in your pocket?


A ticket stub is proof of your entry. Just keep the damned stub and don't ***.

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