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Bristol Manor - This company has POOR business ethics. Please report the FRAUD.

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When I was terminated without cause. I asked why and the *** for a supervisor from Bristol Care Inc. asked me to write her a later, AFTER the fact and she would write me back telling me why she felt she had to let me go. But what\'s worse than that, I was given an hour to remove my belongings from the apartment.

I managed to pack three bags and then I was forced to leave. Never a write up. Never broke the law. The company kept the furniture I purchased with my own money and told me if I couldn\'t take all of my furniture with me it would be a loss to me because I could not come back on the property.

I never was told I would be asked to move the day I was fired, but it happened and NOW, before it\'s over, not only will the Mayor, the Govenor, the Senator, Vice President, and the President of our country will know, because I am adamant that this never happening to anyone else, I want the laws changed and they will.

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Bristol Care Inc. hires managers to manage RCF--Residential Care Facilities, that house the elderly. I was promised staff upon hiring. Reinbursement for monies spent, ALL LIES. I had NO staff at all. The company provides an apartment for managers...FILTH. I could not live in it when I arrived and they still deducted money out of my check. I worked alone for weeks, NOT managing, but cooking, cleaning, showering people, passing over hundreds of meds DAILY. The building was infested with MICE...inside the residents drawers, pantries, they were biting holes from above the ceiling and dropping down into the facility. Then on top of that, I was fired without a cause and never given the deposit back from the apartment I had to clean upon my arrival. I couldn't even take a shower until I clean whoevers dirt out of it first. REPORT THESE LIARS. They look good on the website, and on BBB, but it's a bunch of BS.
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I'm going through the same ***,,hiring a lawyer


As a manager for 11 years. I have no big complaints

If you had mice and problems with the building, why didn't you report it.

You had forms for it.

As for your employees, YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HIRES. YOU CHOOSE WHO YOU WANT TO HAVE IN YOUR FACILITY. You knew that the minute you signed your contract what was expected of you.

Managing a Bristol is like running your own business.

You can succeed or you can fail. Sounds like you failed.


Everything they did to you was legal. You signed to employment agreement.

You should have researched this company and your rights before you moved in. If you had you would not have taken this job.

You might be happy to know about Baker vs Bristol Care Inc. Suggest you look it up and even though it is too late for you to file your case, call and talk to Baker's lawyers.


You signed a contract. Should have read it.

If you think Bristol has a high turn over.

Look at any fast food joint or skilled nursing home. Get real.


Before you put a loved in one of these facilities or take a job with this company, search Bristol Care Inc and Bristol Manor on case net. In particular Baker vs Bristol Care.

I'd also be sure to ask what the budget is for food for the residents, ask for the name of the doctor that is on call (there is no doctor on call, and only one nurse for all 64 facilities). Also ask how long the staff has been there, they have high turnover rate.

If you take a job with this company or put a loved in their to live you will encounter problems.


Bristol NEVER HAD A HOUSE DOCTOR. Each resident had their own.

If they had a medical problem, you called or faxed the Doctor.

You called the family when there was a problem.

Family took them to the Doctor or for medical help.

It was that simple.


I looked this place up on and they have several homes on that web site that have had bad, bad inspections! Apparently the worse is class 1 and there are Bristol homes with class1's! So I went to the state of Missouri web site "Show Me Long Term Care" and let me tell you, don't look good

I say where there's smoke, there's fire.


Sour grapes I think. Key word fired!!!! Grow up and take responsibility for your hostile childish attitude from a lazy person who got fired.

@Shame on you

No sour grapes, was going to quit anyway. Had enough!

Wasn't lazy, did my job.

Joyce wanted the building full NOW!

You can't drag residents in!

You get fired for that!

@Shame on you

Sour grapes, you 'think'? So, you don't KNOW, you just think. Please be quiet.

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