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Verizon Wireless - Verizon billing practices!!!

I was told I wasn't being deployed to Iraq in Jan 2005, so I bought me and my daughter(who lives in Oklahome) phones so we could communicate. I had the phone aprox 7 days when at the last min I was told that I WAS deploying in another 4 days. I called the company, told them what was going on and went to the office where I bought the phones and gave them a copy of my deployent orders. I also told them I wanted my daughters phone to remain on so I could call her when I got the chance while abroad. By the time I was able to contact my daughter, 2 months later, her phone was off. Long story short, she and my ex-wife found out that they had charged me $1700 for a 1 month bill and cut the phone off!!! My mother had power of attorney to take care of ALL my business while I was deployed. I asked her to find out what the deal was with the bill so I could pay it. They told her she couldn't find out any information on the account because she was not on the account. When I returned, I thought we had everything worked out and they charged it off. I'm STILL getting collection letters and they are STILL reporting it on my credit report to THIS DAY. They won't talk to me, instead they tell me to contact the collection agency... Such a freaking rip off!!!
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You have to contact the Attorney General in your state as well as the Public Utilities Commission and the Federal Communications Commission and report this nonsense. I did. Got results.

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Baxley, Georgia
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This company took my money and I lost my house. Lawyers are telling me that I can't sue them because they can't be found!!! I'm a retired/disabled Army vet and was trying to lower my mortgage payment until my VA benefits and social security started. I didn't find out that they hadn't even talked to the mortgage comany until after I had recieved my foreclosure letter. By then I was $15,000 in dept to the mortgage comany. I had NO income for the first 3 months after my retirement, so I contacted them to get it modified until I had money to pay the mortgage. I lost a $170,000 home all because of a bunch of *** CROOKS wo pray on peoples hardships... If can EVER get my hands on ANY of the people that worked for them....... I'm going to JAIL!!!!! I already have flashbacks from Iraq..........
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Libby Muelhaupt wins Internet Liable suit against John "Twinkle Toes" Common. Proves in court John Common is a liar!

June 19, 2013: Libby Muelhaupt (acknowledging she will never see the money) won $500,000 in damages stemming from an internet liable case against her ex-husband, John "Twinkle Toes" Common, as John Common is known, opened multiple web sites in Libby Muelhaupt's name to liable her. Including the comments he wrote on were all PROVEN LIES. Court Documents proved that everything John A. Common wrote were, in fact, lies and intended to defame and damage his 4th ex-wife. An arrest warrant (the second one in 2 months) was issued for John Common. John Common cowardly fled the state of Arizona and is now living in New York.

August 9, 2013: Libby Muelhaupt wins another case against John Common AKA "Twinkle Toes". John A. Common was not available for comment. Bounty hunters are now searching for John "Twinkle Toes" Common to bring him across state lines all the way back to Arizona where he will face criminal charges for contempt, uttering false checks, failing to pay child support, fleeing, and endangering a minor.


JOHN COMMON Warrant for Arrest



FC 2010-09**** 05/08/2013

Docket Code 265 Form D000C Page 2

THE COURT FINDS that Respondent, John Common, in contempt of Court for failure

to appear.

IT IS ORDERED issuing a Child Support Arrest Warrant for Respondent’s arrest.

ISSUED electronically:

Child Support Arrest Warrant

IT IS FURTHER ORDERED setting Respondent’s purge amount at $40,000.00 (CASH ONLY).




1:41 p.m. Matter concludes.


DMR is nothing more than swindling company that prey on people that are in distress on their mortgage's, they go through the formality of telling you they will negotiate your mortgage lender after you pay them then they will either say you did not submit the proper documents or take your money without doing anything at all and will not return you lose. The Arizona attorney general tried bringing charges against DMR to avail...I lost $1200.00 to these Cayotes(John Commons) look up this name and see if it is associated with DMR.

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Baxley, Georgia