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Link Schwartz Law Offices - LINK SCHWARTZ-Attorney-*** Artist

I had the unfortunate experience of hiring Link Schwartz to handle a divorce case a few years ago. I've held this inside long enough and want the world to know what a crook she is. Her assistant, Iyesha Sands, finally admitted to me that Link's goal is to overbill for services never rendered and also to over-litigate to the detriment of her clients in order to rack up fees. That explains how my simple $15k divorce turned into a 6-figure nightmare. She would rountinely bill me thousands for prep work that never was used or for investigators that worked for months on end but never came up with anything. In fact she would never show me any reports or proof they ever worked at all and all of the payments went through her office. When I finally fired her, i was shocked that my new attorney said it is widely known throughout the Los Angeles circle of family court attorneys that Link is a joke and that her clients are being duped to pay Mercedes prices for subpar work. I guess it's a somewhat close knit group and he said she is a disgrace to her profession but there's not much anyone can do about it as long as she keeps finding new suckers to pay for her lifestyle. Going through my file he showed me that over half of what she did was unnecessary or even hurt me. There were many charges for services that he doubted she ever did. After all it is pretty hard to keep an attorney's billing in check, especially if they are actively trying to take advantage of you. I went to Link in a very vulnerable state and she absolutely took advantage of me. There is talk of investigations around her which I hope is true. I wouldn't wish on anyone the *** she put me through, all for her own greed. Link Schwartz is a liar and a theif and I STRONGLY RECOMMEND FINDING ANOTHER ATTORNEY. Even if you have already retained her, ask for a refund of the unused retainer and move on. No matter how far you may have travelled down the wrong path, it's never too late to turn around. You will regret allowing or keeping this *** artist in your life.
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tinymiller works for Link.


LOL. Anonymous is such an obvious fraud.

I wager Anonymous or any of his/her cronies $10,000 that I am not, nor have ever been, nor have I ever contracted or worked in any way shape or form for Link. I call Anonymous out now. I will place $10,000 in an independent escrow account, to be matched by Anonymous. I will release my personal W2 account records or any other documents requested by Anonymous in regards to employment as long as Anonymous releases the same records.

Furthermore, I will release my complete divorce public records and related documentation as requested by Anonymous as long as Anonymous releases the same records. All records will be independently reviewed by a reporter I am familiar with at the Los Angeles Times and any other news reporting agency desired by Anonymous. I will issue a full, blanket waiver to all media organizations as long as Anonymous does. If Anonymous can prove I worked for Link in any capacity, he will be awarded my $10,000.

If he can not prove I worked for Link, I will receive his $10,000.

Let's go Anonymous. Put your money where your mouth is. By the way, I'll donate the majority of my winnings to the mother of your children who is still trying to collect on your unpaid child support.

Anonymous is a despicable person who was held accountable by Link in his divorce.

It's not enough for him to just lick his wounds and make amends. Now he wants to attempt to destroy the livelihood of Link.

I call you out Anonymous. I'm willing to fully expose my "story" to you and the public as long as you do. I'm anxiously waiting for you to accept my offer (everyone start holding their breath now).

I owe Link a debt of gratitude I can never repay.

I will be vigilantly monitoring the internet for you and people like you for years and will be shining light on you so you scurry into your mother's basements.

The reason I am such an advocate of Link is because she single-handedly won my divorce. She charged me a fraction of what other attorneys quoted. She rescued me from deep despair regarding the horrific situation my ex-wife was putting me through. She was compassionate and a great listener.

Because of Link, I was granted sole custody of my daughter, my ex-wife was ordered to pay me child support, and the state of California gave me their blessing to move to a different state with my daughter. It's almost unheard of for a father to be awarded so much in a California divorce. I am Link's biggest fan. Finally, if a fraction of what Anonymous says is true, then Link should have been disbarred.

At the least, Anonymous should have filed a free complaint with the California Attorney's Bar and Link would have been disciplined. Here's how you know Anonymous is a fraud. He never even filed a complaint. Do your own research.

The California Bar lists all disciplinary action for free on their website. It's open to the public. Not only did Anonymous not list a complaint, Link has never had a single complaint with the California Bar since she started her practice in the 1970's.

That's unheard of. Call Link today if you want true, compassionate help with your divorce.


This disfigured looking "it" took advantage of my 79 year old mom as she fought to see he grandkids. She knew my mom was wealthy and she bought some *** therapist on board who then harassed my elderly mom for money she has already paid to him through Link. This lady and her lover Attorney friend Tina Schucman need to be stopped.


Anyone with a brain can tell that "Dad" (see posting below), is a fraud or had his collective behind beaten down by Link. The statements made by "Dad" are so obviously over the top that "he" either is a competitor who just got spanked by Link or a deadbeat dad that Link finally forced him to provide for his children.

The horrible thing about these anonymous posting sites is that any loser can say anything they want without any ramifications.

It's really easy to file a complaint with the California Bar.

Furthermore, if what "Dad" says is true, Link would not only be disbarred but could be prosecuted criminally. By the way, if what "Dad" says is true, what a horrible son he is by sitting there and allowing someone to harass his elderly mother. Shame on you "Dad" for allegedly allowing your mother to get figuratively abused. You're a horrible son for not sticking up for your mother while she was allegedly being abused.

I don't know a single respectable son who would sit there and allow their mother to be harassed and abused. But I've just met a lousy son on this website who felt perfectly fine watching his mother get "beat up." Your mother must be proud of you "Dad." I'm willing to bet you're the kind of father who stuck up for his kids in the same way and someone decent and respectable like Link forced you to provide when you were running from your responsibilities.

If you are still reading this review, do your own research. The California Bar has a public records section showing all complaints filed against an attorney. Google "Attorney Search" and go to the California State Bar link.

Look up Link Schwartz. Not only has "Dad" not filed a complaint. Link has not had one complaint since she became a lawyer in California in 1987.

"Dad" is a fraud. Ask him to provide any independent proof.

You will not hear back from him except for him to sling his mud.

Thanks Link for all of the help you provided to me. Keep up the good work. Because of Link, I was awarded sole custody of my daughter. Because of Link, my ex-wife was ordered to pay me child support.

Because of Link, the state of California granted me permission to move with my daughter out of the state of California and to another state. If you need family law legal help, hire Link Schwartz and thank God if she is available to help you.


This review is absolutely valid. Divorce is hard enough as it is - please do not put yourself in a situation where you are being taken advantage of by hiring this woman.

If an attorney is going to charge top dollar, they should produce work worthy of their fee. Instead Link works in a way that completely disregards the concept of keeping costs under control, instead working in such a way that quite literally juices every single dollar possible from her clients. In addition, filings are sub par - incomplete, not well thought out, missing pertinent documents. It really is sad.

Please don't make this mistake.

She is good at polishing her reputation, but it seems like the truth of how she operates will soon catch up with her.


Notice the negative comments are from an anonymous poster. It's obvious he/she is probably someone who lost to Link.

Do your own research and check with the California State Bar.

There is not one negative report filed with them. That is unheard of for an attorney in California and only proves Link is awesome and this commenter is a fraud.


LINK SCHWARTZ IS HER OWN "NIGHTMARE" All of the "COMMENT POSTS" Is a "BLANANT LIE".Written by someone "Within".This is so "Sad".


Link Schwartz Child Support Advocate

I am a recent client of Link Schwartz. I could not be happier. If you have used Link Schwartz in the past or if you know her, then you know the negative complaints filed are obviously false. She is one of the nicest people I know, especially for an attorney.

I am a male and I have been granted sole custody of my beautiful daughter. My ex-wife is required to pay me child support. I have been granted permission by the court to move out of state with my daughter. This is unheard of in California. I could not have done this without Link's support and assistance.

Ms. Schwartz is the second divorce attorney I hired and I'm extremely upset I didn't know about Ms. Schwartz from the beginning. I wasted thousands of dollars in attorney fees with my first attorney. She spent huge amounts of time counseling me and was more than fair in her charges. As a matter of fact, she could have charged me more and I would have gladly paid it (dont' tell Link).

Most importantly, Ms. Schwartz was kind and "human." Maybe it's a woman thing but she listened to me. I was at my wit's end and extremely despondent. Link was encouraging and put my mind at ease. And she didn't bill me for every minute of my rantings and ravings. She didn't wait until the 11th hour to resolve my problems and she was proactive in her process. She saved me thousands of dollars by resolving my issues before the 11th hour. She was consistently available to take my phone calls and not once did I feel I was "bugging" her as many attorneys do.

Even though my case has been resolved, she still follows up with me (just today). I am outraged at the obviously fraudulent complaint filed. Don't believe it.

By the way, there are no complaints with the California Bar against Link Schwartz. Contact the the California State Bar yourself. I'm betting the negative complaint was filed by someone who lost against Link.

If you need a compassionate, experienced family law attorney, Link Schwartz is your best choice.


She is a thief! Horse face she is a thief!

She shud put that $ into plastic surgey! Her cheerleader assistant is ugleeeee!

She needs her job, duh! She charged someone I know 1million!


This posting is completely false since I am IYESHA SANDS stating no conversation has ever taken place. This posting is no more than a dead beat dad upset that he was ordered to pay our office sanctions...period THE END.

THERE IS NO INVESTIGATION..only an upset adversary who continues to loose in court an rather than step up and take responsibility he then takes his frustrations out on the net.

Link is an amazing person while being a tough but fair litigant. It is because of her no nonsense take no prisoner approach in representing her clients that this person is mad enough to make up false postings all over the net.

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