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Yesterday i got my wisdom teeth pulled so i went to Walgreens Pharmacy in Lynn MA on Western Ave to fill my prescription. When i got into the car with my script i was about to take a pill because i was in ALOT of pain, but i decided to count the pills because they have made mistakes before with my script. Instead of getting 12 pills they only gave me 11. I also payed out of pocket for my prescription so i was a little upset but no big deal, Ill just go back in to the place and let them know they made a mistake AGAIN. I go back in and they were VERY rude to me. Telling me they are putting my name into the computer because "the girl" knew how many pills she put into my bottle. Ive never been so insulted in my life, not to mention upset with myself because i should have known better to go somewhere else. The next day i called and spoke with the manager because they were doing inventory, so i figured no big deal, they will see they made a mistake and i will get the pill that should have been mine in the first place. What happend??? "No mam, they put 12 pills into your bottle! NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO TO WALGREENS FOR ANYTHING!!! When i was pregnant last year i got my prenantal vitamins from there and they even messed up on those 2. The quantity on the bottle said 30, but when i got home to take my vitamin like i usually do, there were only 3 in there!!!! I went back in and said were is the rest of my vitamins??? they told me "They wont be in till next week" then next week came i went to pick up the rest of my prescription with my mom. When i got home guess what, THEY WERENT EVEN THE SAME PRENATAL VITAMINS IN THE BOTTLE! The name on the bottle didnt match what was in the bottle, and they didnt give me a paper that comes along with the prescription. Walgreens cant even own up to there mistakes, obviously something is going on with the staff that work there. If i were you i would count your pills if you go there, if you continue to go anyways. or PLEASE JUST GO SOMEWHERE ELSE. THEY CAN NOT BE TRUSTED!! and THERE EMPLOYEES ARE OBVIOUSLY STEALING FROM US, this also didnt just happen to me
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