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Dream Day Bridal - Messed Up Tuxedo Order, NO Customer Service

I would not recommend Dream Day Bridal to anyone, ever, for any kind of service. Let me first begin by saying they are both extremely friendly and helpful the first day you set foot in their store, however they turn out to be nothing more than a "turn and burn" shop. Get you in, take your money, then get you out. My wife bought her dress from Dream Day and received a significant mis-quote on her dress customization. The end amount was three times more than what we were assured, and when we approached them about it they offered no apology, but stated it was due to the amount of material in her dress. I guess with their extensive experience, they couldn't have seen this coming. When my wife came back in for her fitting a few months later, Laurie and Kristina suddenly turned off the charm and basically acted like she was an inconvenience. Since Dream Day Bridal also offered a tuxedo rental service, I decided I may as well do everything there. I had six of my eight tuxedos measured in the store three months prior to our wedding. Two weeks before my wedding I decided to call them to see when I could expect to come in to try on the tuxes to ensure they would fit. That's when Kristina dropped the bomb that she hadn't ordered anything since no one had give her a credit card for payment. Did I mention we got measured IN THE STORE?? Kristina did the measuring and not once asked me for a credit card. Now we're two weeks out and she said nothing was ordered. I had to scramble to get all my groomsmen's credit card information to her, since she was only able to call one of them. The following week I called her again to confirm she received a payment only to hear a recording that said they would be closed for a week. This means they were going to be closed until the week OF my wedding. After leaving Kristina a very concerned voicemail Monday morning (now less than two weeks away), I had to call them back later the same afternoon since no one ever called me back. Kristina confirmed the tuxes would be delivered Tuesday (three days before my wedding), for me not to worry, and said if anything was wrong with them that they would simply overnight whatever we needed. I called them that Tuesday to see when we could come by to try on the tuxedos, to which she told me we would have to take them home to try them on, since their permit in the new store had not been issued yet. This means we would not be able to get any items that didn't fit back to her until Wednesday, since that's when two of my groomsmen got into town. After we all tried our tuxedos on, only six of the eight tuxedos fit. I had to call Kristina on her cell, since the store number didn't work, to give her the correct measurements verbally, and she said she would get everything done quickly. I called several times on Thursday (the day before my wedding) to see what the status was on my tuxedos, to which no one called me back. At 3:33pm I received a text saying the new pieces would arrive at some point on Friday but they could not confirm what time. I tried called back to get an explanation, but no one ever returned my call nor answered their phones after that point. I did, however, receive a lasting image from Laurie who sent me the final text of the day that said "we do not issue refunds". This comes from two ladies who have had a wedding of their own and are in the business to make sure other people have a "Dream" wedding (as their business name would suggest). Far from it. Because of Dream Day Bridal's miserable customer service and lousy products, the day of my wedding ended up being the most stressed I have ever been, since I had to chase them down all day trying to confirm when my tuxedo would arrive. So, if you're looking for a dress and/or tuxedos for your grooms party, DO NOT GO TO DREAM DAY BRIDAL!!!!
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