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Summit Van Lines, a haven for crooks

This people shouldn't even be in the market. They are dishonest and they rather trust their employees instead of satisfying the customer needs. Summit Van Lines is a haven for Crooks. Had to move real fast and I thought that this people were serious, so I decided to pick them among a huge amount of companies that contacted me, In the beginning everything was right, they sent an estimator to check on the stuff and analyse the environmental factors like stairs and distances. At the end, the estimator told me it would take them 6 hours to move the stuff, which I though it was fair, so I called them next day to start the moving. At 9 sharp they were here, I liked their punctuality. I greeted the guy at my door and asked him to come in and start doing their things, but then the guy told me they needed to fill some "paperwork". During the first hour, this dude was just filling out papers and was not letting the other two guys work peacefully, they wasted a huge amount of time doing useless stuff then later this same individual started telling me that the estimation was not valid, since there were too many stairs to sort (WTF?). I told him the stairs never moved and it was a factor that the estimator saw the day before, so I didn't accept his argument. Later he told me it was raining, I had to call his boss, a guy called David who claims to be one of the owners of this ghost company. Their customer service was outrageous, he ended believing every single word the employee was telling him, he even told him in front of me that I had 3 TV sets when I had only one! I was complaining with their boss and the folk opened the door of the room I was into and stood in front of me because he wanted to hear my conversation, in my own house! I had to kick him out of the house after more and more problems, I ended calling the police to have this people removed from my property. Their boss preferred to leave all my stuff there and cancel everything instead of getting another worker to get the job done. The left everything outside, they broke some of my stuff, in conclusion, this people should not be handling other peoples goods, they should be in jail. It is not relevant to get into details about how many insults this people threw at me, they thought my wife didn't speak English and they revealed themselves by yelling how "this was a game for them and they could take up to ten hours doing that if they wanted, since we messed with the wrong guy" These are crooks, if you have a little respect for yourself, avoid them at all cost and get a real moving service. Names to take into consideration: - Reggie, the insulting guy who's job it's to make your moving a nightmare and spend the most amount of hours doing nothing else but make sure you pay more. If you ask too many questions and disagree with whatever he thinks, he will tell you "go *** @#ing @ick", it happened to me today. - David, the owner. The customer is never right, he rather not serve you instead of assuming their employee's inappropriate behavior.
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